Friday, October 11, 2013

5 on Friday

1. We had some awesome visitors this week....Nana & Papa came to see us and met the twins for the first time.
A couch full of love!

2. These sweet angels turned one month old!

3. A little silliness in Target with my big boy. We had to try on almost every one they had.....

4. I'm certainly not a morning person and I love my sunsets, but I'm quickly becoming a fan of sunrises(thanks to a couple newborns, who shall remain nameless). It was super foggy this morning and when the sun finally broke through, it was glorious!

5. Hudson continues to be obsessed with Darius Rucker and "Wagon Wheel". It's not quite as intense as it used to be, but he still insists on listening to it a LOT! My mom ordered him a shirt from his website and he loves wearing it around the house. It's more like a long dress on him right now, though. ;-)

I hope you've had a great week and your weekend is fabulous!!


  1. If you are going to be obsessed with a song, make it a good one I say!


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