Thursday, October 03, 2013

Making It.

We have been home with the twins for just about a full 3 weeks now. They turned 3 weeks on Monday and will be a MONTH old in just 6 days. Goodness, that doesn't seem possible. 

Having a baby is probably the most life-changing event there is. Having TWO babies...well, nothing can fully prepare you for that. Twice the feedings, twice the diapers, twice the crying, twice the EVERYTHING....twice the LOVE!

Things are going pretty well around here. We've been blessed with wonderful help (my parents and Joseph's parents) and could not be more thankful. Until I'm able to lift Hudson and other things (another week or so), they've been here during the week to help out around the house so I can rest, recover, and take care of the twins.

Grayson and Raegan continue to do wonderful, are eating great, and are falling into a routine. For the first couple weeks, they were sleeping in our room in the pack 'n play and we'd have them nap in their room. We've had them sleeping in their room at night for the last week or so and they've done great! I didn't plan on moving them so soon but they seem to sleep better in there, and so do we since we're not hearing every little grunt, moan, and whine. They sleep in Raegan's crib together for now, and they will until they're rolling over and bothering each other in their sleep. I imagine by 2 or 3 months, they'll be in their own cribs.

They eat every 3 hours and sometimes they'll sleep a little more at night and go 4 hours. That's the most we've gotten so far. I've noticed that they're not eating as much during the night feedings so that could be a sign that longer stretches of sleep are coming soon. Momma and daddy would welcome that. ;-) Joseph and I have worked out a nighttime routine that seems to work well for us. He will let me go to bed and stay in the living room to do the midnight feeding, sleeping on the couch for a couple hours beforehand. Once they're back down after that feeding, he'll come to bed and I'll get up to do the next feeding, so he can do the feeding at 6 or 7, since he's already getting up for work anyway. This gives us both a few hours of continuous sleep so one or both of us aren't zombies from getting up for each feeding. I was against this idea at first because I wanted him to get a full night's sleep since he's the one who has to work, but it's been working out great. With Hudson, I was the one who got up at every feeding, but there was just one Hudson. :) It's a whole new ballgame with twins.
This routine has worked out pretty well, but of course there are crazy nights when one or both of them want to have a little party for a couple hours. I was up entertaining Raegan the other morning, who was restless and just wanted to be awake for a while...then she just couldn't go back to sleep after the THREE diaper changes that ensued! Yes, THREE!! Hey, "stuff" happens, ya know? We ended up snuggling on the couch and she finally fell asleep. Me, not so much, but hey....ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

Our good friends, The Baileys, came to visit us on Sunday. We were so excited to see them and glad they got to meet the babies. They've been our friends forever and they love all of our babies so much. For that we are so thankful! Don't they look so natural with them? ;-)

We decided to be brave and took our first trip out with the twins AND Hudson! We went to Target (where else?) and just made it a quick trip there and back home. It went very well and the twins slept the whole time! We probably won't attempt a restaurant for a, maybe 3 years? HA!

Things are crazy, that's no lie. We're definitely still trying to balance it all right now and I know at some point the help I have right now won't be here and I'll be going it alone. That's kind of scary to think about, but I've gotta handle it on my own sometime. I've had all 3 kids to myself a few times for short periods and some times it's been easy and others it's been a challenge. I know as they get older, it will get easier and this crazy newborn stage will pass, although I certainly don't want to rush it since they're my last newborns. Yes, they're my last. Done and done! :)
I'm thankful for the awesome man I married, who just happens to be the best daddy I could imagine for my children. Hudson continues to show me how great of a big brother he is and will be. 
He just loves them so much and I hope he always does.

I find myself in awe of these two tiny miracles we've been given. I still can't believe I have twins. 
I'm not sure when it'll sink in. Maybe when they turn 16 and make my insurance rates go (double) up! Haha!

I never thought I could love anyone the way I love Hudson. To be honest, I was worried about whether or not I could love two more children as much as I love him. It's true what they say, though. Your heart splits into equal parts for each of them and you're just filled with so much love for them instantly. If you had asked me even just 3 years ago if I thought I'd have 3 children, 2 of which are twins, I would have said no way! I never thought about the possibility of twins and I really never intended on having 3 children. 2 was my number. But things happen the way they should and I'm SO grateful!
Sometimes what you think you want isn't what you want at all. Now I see how perfectly complete our family is and I wouldn't change one thing about it!!


  1. They are so precious! Not to sound creepy but I just want to come scoop them up and snuggle on them because I think our newborn days are over :( You look great mama!

  2. Oh my gosh!! I just want to hold and squeeze them!! Congrats mommy -- you make some awfully adorable kiddos!!



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