Monday, October 14, 2013

The Twins' Nursery

We've had the twins' room complete since just before they got home, and I finally got around to taking some pictures of it.

I'm very pleased with how it turned out and it's almost exactly what I envisioned. I knew I wanted to go with gray, yellow, and teal and I love the splashes of color throughout the room.
I used a few different shades of the colors for dimension and to make it more interesting. And let's face it, it's impossible to find the same exact shades of yellow and teal in every accessory you want to use. I tried to make sure they all coordinated together though.

Their room is very different from Hudson's. His is much more traditional, with espresso furniture, and more pieces of it. It's a set he can use for many years. I wanted to go more modern and simplistic this time around, especially once I found out there'd be two babies in there. I didn't want wall to wall furniture taking up all the space. Their cribs convert into toddler beds so they can use them for a few years, until they're ready for a full-size bed. By then they may want to be in separate rooms and we can upgrade them to whatever kind of "big kid" furniture they want for the long-haul.
Ideally, we would've gotten a different chair for their room but we weren't about to spend money on another one when we can just use the one from Hudson's room. It doesn't exactly match the way I'd like, but hey, it works.

I'm not going to take the time to list where everything came from and the links, but I will be MORE than happy to share that info with you. Just let me know. I'll respond to your comment email (if you're a no-reply blogger, I cannot) AND in the comments on the blog so the answers are public for all to see. :)

I was able to save a LOT of money with some of the artwork by making it myself. You can do a lot in picmonkey and Picasa. Cheap white frames from Target and boom!

My mom was a lifesaver and made the curtains, which also saved TONS of money! I priced them at some places, including the site I ordered the bedding from....insane! We got the same fabric that's on the bedding so we knew it'd match, and she whipped 'em up in no time. She even added blackout fabric to them. Awesome! Thanks a million, mom!

I'm super happy with the room and it's such a calming space. Even though there are splashes of color, all the gray keeps it very neutral and soothing. I love being in it and the twins do too!
Once again, if you'd like any info about something in the room, just send me an email or leave a comment.


  1. Beautiful room! I love the gray, teal and yellow. So modern and timeless too. Great job!!

  2. Turned out so precious!!! Love those chevron curtains! Your mom did an awesome job! If you don't mind me asking...what brand/color are the walls??!?!

    1. Thanks so much!! The wall color is Valspar Woodlawn Colonial Gray. :)

  3. So pretty! Glad I got to see it up close and personal!

  4. So beautiful! I just showed these pictures off to Adam and he asked if our future nursery could have gray walls! haha


  5. looks so peaceful but also fun! great job friend!

  6. Beautiful!! And yes, like another commenter said, very peaceful!

  7. Loved the way it turned out. SO precious!

  8. Great room!! We are considering using Valspar's Woodlawn Colonial Gray in our living room but were worried it wasn't "gray" enough, and more taupe- but in your photos, it looks like just the perfect shade! How many coats did you do?


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