Wednesday, September 17, 2014

An Owl-tastic Birthday Party!

When I was starting preparations for the twins' birthday party, I struggled a little with theme ideas. There are only so many themes that can work with boy/girl twins, but luckily for the 1st birthday, they don't care so I was able to decide on owls for the theme. I know soon enough it'll be transformers and princesses that I'm having to tie together, so I considered this one a piece of cake.
To make it unisex, I just used a multi-colored theme with the decorations.

Cute owl accessories that my mom already had, along with a few things we picked up at Hobby Lobby, helped tie everything together.

A quick DIY owl lantern added some interest to the dining table.

I printed out all of the twins' monthly pictures and hung them along these streamer banners.

I really wanted to make a cute fan collage. It is NOT as easy as you think, especially when you're a perfectionist. Don't look too closely at the pink one at the bottom. Evidently it decided to break. 

Simply throwing some fabric over the highchair seats added some color and kept the seats from getting disgusting. :)

I knew this back room served a purpose. Besides being the piano/junk/office/sitting room, it's the perfect party room!!

My mom got these blue mason jars last year for my baby shower that unfortunately never happened, since I got put on modified bed rest toward the end of the twins' pregnancy. I was so glad we were able to finally use them! I popped the daisy lids on, barely fit my striped straws in them, then tied some baker's twine with little labels made from card stock on them. 

I'm always so pleased with the cakes I order from Albertville Home Bakery. 
They taste and look fabulous, and their prices are incredibly reasonable!

I don't think we had enough cake. ;-) 
We did make Grayson's chocolate, to have a little variety. I'm a purist when it comes to birthday cake, though. Gimme the vanilla/buttercream cake!

LOVE these little chalkboard signs I ordered from Etsy. She emailed me the files, then I sent them to my local print shop and they printed and mounted them to foam board for me. So easy!

This was seriously the easiest party ever to decorate for. 
Target had most of the colorful decorations, as well as Party City.

I kept the menu pretty simple this time. Fruit, "hoot" dogs, chips, and carrots/ranch. 

Got your tickets to the gun show? HA!

I'm a blessed woman. 
Grayson wasn't having it. This is as good as it gets. :)

Grammy & Poppy! (Joseph's parents)

Sue-Sue, Russ-man, and Papa (my parents and grandfather) 

One of my oldest and dearest friends, Rebekah! We only go back about 25 years or so! 
I'm so thankful for her friendship and that she loves our kids so much. 
She's getting married in about 6 weeks and I'm SO ecstatic for her.

I sure am glad everybody got Hudson the babies so many great gifts. HAHAHA!!

Grammy, my SIL Kerrie, and my sweet nephew Rylan

This girl is her momma's daughter. 
I'm pretty sure she would still be sitting there working on that cake if I let her. 

This is my salty guy. He wasn't too keen on the cake. He'd rather have crackers or chips.

Seriously, are we done yet?

Here's a better picture....girlfriend got a bath after the cake. No, really.

These sweet babies had a great party and we're so thankful to everyone who came and that they are loved the way they are!

And if you don't have a second piece of cake later that night, you're doing it wrong!

What a great time!!! Glad it's over, though. Partying takes it out of me! ;-)

And I must share this video Joseph made of the twins' first year. 

The song alone makes me cry, but add pictures of my growing babies and I'm done. P.S. It can't be viewed on mobile devices, because of the song apparently. Be sure to watch it on a PC. 


  1. Beautiful babies and party!! Great job momma :) It looks like you all had so much fun!


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