Monday, September 01, 2014

The Latest

We've had a great Summer, and I hope you have to! It's hard to believe Fall is just a few weeks away, although I welcome it with open arms, as usual. Fall's my favorite. 
As far as I'm concerned, Fall is already here. If college football (roll tide!) is on my TV, it's Fall.

This Summer, we didn't do all that much exciting stuff, but we did make a lot of fun memories. We went to the beach in June, and I got to turn 29 again to the sound of crashing waves and the view of beautiful sunsets.
Here's just a few pics from our family vacay.

Birthday cake for breakfast is always a good idea.

We celebrated Joseph's parents with a surprise wedding/vow renewal. It was amazing and so special. It's something none of us will ever forget.

We got big kid car seats.

And there's never a short of silliness in our house.

One of the BEST things that's happened lately is the fact that we had a nephew!!! Adam(Joseph's brother) and his wife Kerrie had their precious baby boy (ON her due date) last Friday. 
Rylan is beautiful and perfect.

We went to visit them today and holding him almost made me want another one. 
It's a very small almost. I'm all set with my three. :) I'll just have fun spoiling this little guy.

Oh, all the fun these kiddos are gonna have over the years!!

He's a proud uncle!

Oh, and a certain little girl (who turns one in 8 days, waaahhhh!!) is walking. 
Brother won't be far behind.

I hope y'all had a wonderful holiday weekend. I'll see you again soon, promise. ;-)


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