Wednesday, September 10, 2014

One, Squared

It's hard to believe this was us one year ago yesterday...almost to the time and everything.
These two blessings turned a whole year old yesterday and it is so hard to fathom how 365 days could have possibly passed by already. It seems as though time goes by twice as fast once you have children, but it's gone by even faster the second (and third) time around. 

The last year has been so sweet and joyful, and BOY has it been busy?!?!
I knew having one newborn was a lot of work, but I had no idea how much work two would be...not to mention the older brother. :)
Routine has definitely been the key. 

I swear they were JUST this small. Just yesterday.

And now, almost as soon as I've blinked.....

We didn't do too much for their birthday. We're having their party on Saturday so we're saving all the fun for then. We had their one year checkup (awful planning on my part). They got their vaccinations, plus the first part of their flu shot. Poor babies. They go back in a month for the second part, then they're done for a while.
After much needed naps, we headed to Red Robin(YUM!) for dinner.

They ate their chicken and oranges like hogs, then we went home to have mini cupcakes to celebrate.
I couldn't snap a picture fast enough. Granted they were mini cupcakes, but they had those suckers gone before I knew it. I have a feeling their smash cakes will be torn apart in record time!

It has been such a sweet year with these precious babies and I can't wait to see what the next year holds. Watching them grow and interact with each other and Hudson has been such a joy to us.

I'll be back to share details from their party. :)

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


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