Thursday, May 20, 2010

Heaven On a Plate

So I talked about Edgar's Bakery in my post about Mother's Day. I got my mom's cake from them and it was to die for. Well, this morning my husband (who I work with....yes, I'm crazy! HA!) had a meeting, then had to get his oil changed. He called me and said he was starving and did I want lunch. I was starving too because I didn't eat breakfast, so he stopped at Edgar's and got me my FAVORITE lunch from there. The chicken salad plate. I also referenced this in the other post. It is like a little piece of heaven on a plate. They have the best chicken salad, and it comes with fruit, tomato slices, and half a croissant on a bed of lettuce. They serve it with a cup of balsamic vinaigrette, but I don't use it. The best way to eat it is to cut up the tomatoes, grapes (to add to the chicken salad), lettuce, and bread - then put a little of each on your fork, and it's like a tiny chicken salad sandwich every time! YUMMO! I think I need another plate already! :-)

By the time I remembered to take a picture, I had devoured a lot of it! Ha!

My husband also brought me a surprise cupcake for dessert (like I need it!!). But I'm not one to turn down a cupcake....especially one from Edgar's! We did split it though so that makes it better. Another little glimpse of heaven...yep! So, enjoy looking at the pictures....but you should go try Edgar's for yourself - you won't be disappointed!


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