Sunday, May 16, 2010


We have had an extremely lazy weekend! I mean, we've been major bums!! We did absolutely nothing on Saturday. We ordered Chinese food for dinner, watched "Edge of Darkness", which was good, and SNL. It was pretty funny this week. It's been pretty lame the past several months...aside from Betty White's awesome performance! Speaking of which, we recorded that...maybe I'll watch it later. :)

Today, Joseph cut the grass and trimmed the massively overgrown bushes! I mean, you can't begin to understand how overgrown they were.....and still are. We'll have to take the electric hedge trimmers to them again next weekend. Those things are awesome by the way. I would honestly like to rip everything out and replant some prettier, but still maintenance-free things. See....I have NO green thumb whatsoever! I mean...NONE!! So, my sweet husband did that while I cleaned up the house a little bit, and cleaned out and organized a closet and finished the first one I started a few days ago. A few hours later, I have an "organized" closet, tons of stuff to throw away, and a lot of things to try to sell. (not that I want the money for them, but I figure at least they'd go to someone's home instead of a landfill) I hate clutter, and can't believe how much "stuff" we've accumulated over the years. After Joseph's wonderful yard work, I baked some chocolate cookies to reward him. I MAY have had a couple of them myself. Ha! To take our lazy weekend one step further, instead of cooking we ordered some pizza from Papa Saia's, our fave pizza place. I promise I will cook a good, healthy meal every night this week to make up for it! We were due a nice lazy weekend at home, so it was very welcomed. I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend, and I hope you all have a tremendous week!


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