Monday, May 24, 2010

What A Monday!

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend. I know we did. We didn't really do anything, which always makes for a good weekend. :) First of all, how about that Grey's finale?!?! It was so incredibly intense that at times I thought I needed to walk away and watch the recording later. But I finished it, and cried....several times. Those are some incredible actors. Awesome. They do such a good job of pulling you in and making you forget it's a show. Thank goodness it is, though. There were some very sad, and scary, moments. I will admit that I've watched it back a few times though. :0 Each time, it's still intense, scary, sad, and crazy! And I cry every single time I watch it. I can't wait til the Fall for next season!

Anyway, enough of that. I don't know about y'all , but my week isn't really off to a good start. The air at the office wasn't working today. Someone (who shall remain nameless) :) left the air off all weekend...while it was in the 90s mind you, and today it wasn't working. It was sucking out some of the hot air (which is better than nothing I guess), but it was not blowing the cold air. It went from 88 to 81 over the course of the day in the office. Not comfortable at ALL! We had someone come to look at it, but they have to come back tomorrow. I went to Publix to do my weekly grocery shopping. When I arrived home and started putting groceries away, I realized that the freezer was leaking water. Water was all over the floor, and everything in the freezer was either melted or in the process of melting. As of now, the fridge is fine. We cleaned out the freezer and turned off the ice maker to minimize water leakage, but it's still leaking water. We called Sears to see about fixing it....they couldn't get out here until JUNE 2ND!! JUNE 2ND!!!! Really? Soooooo, we called another company and they'll be here between 10 & 2 tomorrow. Thank goodness I'm in good with the boss and can miss that much work on such short notice. ;) I'm really hoping this is an easy, inexpensive fix and will be done ASAP. Now would be a really bad time to have to shell out money for a new fridge. The week has to get better right? :) I keep counting my blessings and I remind myself I don't have anything really to complain about. I hope you all had a great Monday and I hope you have an awesome week!


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