Monday, May 31, 2010

Lovely Long Weekend

We had a fabulous long weekend, and I hope you all did as well!! We did some relaxing, some cooking, some restocking of the fridge with groceries, and we went to see Iron Man 2. Joseph has been wanting to see it for weeks, so we went today. It was pretty good. I think the first one was better. We finally got our new french door fridge yesterday!! Loving it already. We went to Publix to restock it, and spent way too much money.....restocking a fridge and a freezer ain't cheap...even with all the BOGOs we got! HA! We love the extra room though. It was actually a little fun reorganizing everything. Here is a picture of it from Lowe's website. Our other appliances are black, but I don't even care. I love the way it looks in our kitchen, even if it doesn't match the others. My idea is to take this with us to our next house in a few years anyway. I struggled with the idea of losing the ice dispenser (our side by side had one), but when I thought back to how many times we had actually used it, it was clear we didn't need one. If I need some ice, I think I can handle bending over to scoop some of the freezer bin, and I can have some clean bottled water or water from our Brita pitcher. :)

Joseph grilled us some filet mignon, shrimp, and corn on the cob for dinner. It was all so delicious! I'm definitely a meat and potatoes kind of girl, but I love a good salad and some light dishes also. A good steak every now and then is something we love though!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and you have a terrific (and short) week!! :-)


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