Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Fly on the Wall.....

Literally. There's a fly on the wall and it's driving Hudson CRAZY!! He gets so mad and grunts at them, yells "bah" or "mah" at them, like most things right now, and tries his best to get to them, only to have them fly away out of sight. It's quite entertaining, actually. He'll go on for.ever. with it and I just sit and laugh.

We had one get in the house earlier today.

 Step 1: Notices fly on the dog bowl. Grunts and yells at it.

 Step 2: Fly leaves and Hudson follows after it.

 Step 3: Pushes bowl out of way to get to fly that is now on wall.

Step 4: Tries to catch fly. Fail.
Step 5: Pushes bowl back to its original spot. 

And he had no help with any of this, BTW. He cracks me up every day!! The days are NEVER boring around here.

Is anybody else about to FREAK OUT over this Grey's finale like I am?!?!?!? If you haven't watched the first 6 minutes they're teasing us with, go here. I was crying about 3 minutes in...that's how emotional this will be. I'm going back and forth between 2 people I think will be the one to die and I don't want anyone to!! 6.5 more hours!! I am on pins and needles waiting for this thing. And I swear if they leave us waiting and wondering until Fall I'm going to go crazy. I keep having to remind myself it's JUST a TV show! HA!

This weekend is my BIL's wedding! We're so excited for Adam & Kerrie and cannot wait to celebrate their new marriage!! I'll be MIA for a few days but hope to have some pics up from the big wedding weekend Sunday or Monday.(OK, probably more like Monday or Tuesday) ;)

Y'all have a fantastic weekend!!!


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