Monday, May 21, 2012

Mr. & Mrs.

Well, the BIL is married and I have a new sister! The wedding was absolutely perfect, beautiful, special, and fun! It was an amazing weekend to catch up with old friends I haven't seen in ages, spend some quality time with special friends and family, and a wonderful celebration of two very special people as they begin this beautiful new life together! 

Friday, we had the rehearsal dinner at the in-law's house and it was Luau themed. They had it set up so nice and the weather was perfect for the outdoor setting. Unfortunately, I left my camera at home so there are no pictures of it but we had a lot of fun. I did get a few pictures on my phone, but they aren't very good. Here's a picture of me and Spencer, my old neighbor and one of my oldest friends. We go waaaayyyy back!

The wedding was outside at a beautiful venue in Gadsden, Court Street Garden. Everything was decorated beautifully and the weather was amazing! A lil hot in the beginning, but perfect!

I'll start with a few pictures of my cutie, then we'll get to some wedding pics.

 He was so handsome!

 And looking entirely too grown!!

 Love this face! Looks like my dad here to me.

He was getting his groove on to the music they had playing during preparations. :)

 Adam & Kerrie's "first look" before pictures. It was such a sweet moment. I wish I had gotten a picture of her in her wedding dress. She changed into her party dress before I could. She was beautiful regardless!!

The garden is beautiful.

The runner was eventually moved to the center..I think it was just here so you could step around it. I should also mention that it's been Kerrie's dream to arrive to her wedding in a horse-drawn carriage. She searched and searched but couldn't find one that would be close enough to do it, or that was in their budget so she gave up. My mother/father-in-law made sure she didn't have to give up on that dream and arranged for a beautiful horse-drawn carriage to pick her up and take her to the ceremony. I didn't see her reaction, but I heard it was amazing. She was touched beyond words and when Melissa (the SIL) told me about what they did, we both just lost it. It was a total surprise to her and Adam, and everyone. I wish I had gotten a picture of it, but I think it was confiscated by my cousin at that point. ;-) OK, time-out to wipe my eyes as I lost it again after telling you this story!
 These two have my heart! 
This is Hudson's new trick. We'll regret teaching him this one day, I'm sure. :-)

 I could eat him up!

 It's a rare occasion that we get all dressed up! We had to have proof! HA!

Tommy (the FIL), my guys, and Uncle Glenn (Tommy's brother) Tommy was ordained a few weeks back and performed the ceremony. Ah-mazing! He did phenomenal!

The band starting up.

 The bride dancing with her nephew, Caden, who is just the sweetest and cutest boy ever!

 Spencer told me when he put on his dancing shoes, it'd be on! Well.....

 Garter time! HA!

 Figures....(y'all who know Spencer, know this looks about right!)

The sweet HUSBAND & WIFE!! I didn't get a picture of their first dance, but it was to "Tangled Up In You" by Staind. If you've never listened to it, you should. It's the last song on my playlist at the bottom of the blog. I forgot how beautiful it is and had to add it to my playlist(and buy it on iTunes). Staind sounds a little unorthodox for a first dance song, but the song and the words are just beautiful!
We had to make sure to get a picture with them before the night was over. 

The wedding was amazing, beautiful, and perfect. The reception was so much fun and everyone had a fantastic time! I am thrilled beyond words that this precious couple got the dream wedding they wanted and deserved. They mean so much to us all.

We could not be happier for Adam & Kerrie and cannot wait to see what the future holds for them! I knew when I met Kerrie, this was it. She couldn't be more perfect for Adam, and vice-versa. I've known Adam for a long time(I'm talking like, since we were little kids) and love him like he's my real brother. I'm so thankful he's found a woman like Kerrie, who is exactly what he needs and loves him wholeheartedly. It is so obvious how in love and happy they are. I wish them a lifetime of the kind of love and happiness they have now.

Have a wonderful time on your honeymoon and cherish every moment you have, and every day! We love you both so much and are so glad you found each other!!


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