Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This May Not Get Me Mother of the Year.....

Let me preface this post by saying that Hudson is only allowed to touch the things in this post when we are with him and watching him VERY closely!!

He has come to be obsessed with the cleaning supplies under the sink. Now, before you report me for being an irresponsible parent, I realize we should lock the cabinets (the one under the sink with the cleaning supplies especially) but since we're renting, I don't want to drill holes in their cabinets. I wouldn't appreciate someone doing that to mine! SO, we just keep a close eye on him anytime he's in the kitchen (which is only when we're in there with him). He has never tried to drink, eat or lick something so that's good. He loves looking through the pots and pans, cutting boards, and the cleaning supplies. Here's the routine: go to cabinet under sink, rifle through supplies, mixing them up, throwing some on the floor, put them all back in (seriously, he puts them back!), WITH the exception of his 2 favorites....the Glade air freshener and the Pledge Multi-Surface. They're the identical style spray cans(which are in the locked position and luckily, he hasn't figured out they can unlock yet) and he's obsessed with them. Maybe it's the clanking sound they make or the fact that they're the perfect size for his little hands to get around, I have no idea. He takes them out and drags them all over the kitchen, to various cabinets, trying to get them to fit somewhere else, to the coffee and end tables in the living room, brings them to me for a minute, then, when he's satisfied with the job he's done, BACK to the cabinet under the sink they go! Strange? I think so too. All he's basically doing is toting them to different places, standing them side-by-side, and showing them off. He's really into stacking things lately(i.e. the Armor-all and Lysol wipes) and has tried this with those 2 and it just doesn't work. :) He's into building things and putting things together and I think he may be an architect one day.

I'm sure as he gets older he might get more curious about these things and we'll have to move them up higher, or lock the cabinet. I honestly don't think locks would do us any good anyway. He's extremely smart and can figure most things out. I realize that sounds like an annoying, snobby, bragging mom thing to say, but it's true. We'll probably end up moving them to the pantry down the road, but for now he does fine with them and we make sure he doesn't do anything he shouldn't do with them. You better believe the first time I EVER see him trying to lick or drink or eat or whatever any of it, they'll be put where he'll never get them again. I just try to let Hudson explore and discover as much as possible, but I make sure I'm always with him when he is. If it ever became dangerous, it'd be stopped. Every day, I'm constantly telling him that these things are not for our mouths, and I'll continue to say that every day.

Here are a few pictures of him in action earlier today. Evidently he had a need for the Windex, too.

 Trying to figure out how to best fit them in the pots and pans.

 Maybe this is better....

And, back to plan A.

Maybe he'll learn to use them in a few years and handle the cleaning around here. ;-)


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