Sunday, July 25, 2010

Aloha from Hawaii......

Aahh, you caught me, I'm not in Hawaii!.....BUMMER! However, some of our relatives are visiting FROM Hawaii. One of Joseph's aunts lives in Hawaii with her husband, 3 sons and daughter, and their families. They have lived there for many years now. Well, one of his cousins, Tommy, is on vacation with his wife and stepchildren. They actually got married in December and we DID go to Hawaii for several days for their wedding. AWESOME PLACE! Throughout their vacation, they'll be going to various places in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida. Evidently, a vacation for residents of Hawaii consists of coming to the states...they must be crazy! Ha! I kid, I kid. This is kind of like his oldest stepdaughter's graduation present. Yesterday they drove from Atlanta to Rainbow City (Gadsden) to my in-law's house. We met them up there and had dinner and a great time visiting with them. Joseph and I decided to get a cake from Edgar's (The best bakery ever!) for Amanda to celebrate her graduation. We also got a chocolate cream pie for those who don't like birthday cake (AKA: the crazy ones)....although that pie is absolute heaven! We wanted to introduce them to the best sweets in the states! :) They brought us some chocolate covered macadamia nuts, some regular ones, and some black tea that I'm anxious to try. I'm sure they will all be delicious!

I was so busy visiting with family,(certainly not because I was stuffing my face with lasagna, cake, and pie) that I forgot to take any pictures of anything!(And we all know that posts are better with pictures) Whoops! See....all the more reason I need that Canon's so big that it will constantly be there to REMIND me to take pictures! Hey, I look for reasons wherever I can. HA!!

That's all that's happened with us this weekend. Aside from the family visit and laying out for a few hours until I thought I would have a heatstroke it was so hot, it's been pretty quiet around here, which is just the way we like it! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend, and you have an even better week! :-)


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