Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Here............Football Season Is Here

Guess where I'll be around this time on Saturday??!!!

That's right! I'll be getting ready to see the Tide's first game of the season! (OK, I won't be at the stadium yet, since the game doesn't start until 6, but I'll be pre-gaming which for me involves eating and talking...HA!) My sweet husband was able to get some tickets from a friend who had a pair of a friend's tickets(follow me?) that couldn't go, so now we're able to cheer on the Tide as they play San Jose State.....(who?), yeah, I know! Oh well, it will still be a good game...every game is worth watching. NOT that I'm saying it will be easy, you never know what you're up against and we have no idea what kind of team we have yet. I guess we'll find out in 4 days! There's nothing like being in that stadium, wearing my Bama gear, eating a messy hot dog, and cheering on my team with about 100,000 of my closest friends. ;-) I can't wait to see the completed expansion too. I hear it looks great!! BBQ nachos, here I come!!


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