Saturday, July 21, 2012

4 Shades of Gray

And, no, I haven't read the book. I just had to play off the title for this post.

We are getting ready to paint our bedroom. Right now, it is a lovely shade of light yellow. And by lovely, I mean...well, see for yourself.

(Excuse the dog beds. I'm toying with the idea of moving the bed to that wall.)

Yes, the walls and windows are bare. I plan on fixing that once the painting is finished. I have this whole vision in my head of how the room will look once it's all done. One step at a time, I keep telling myself. I also made the bed in a rush just so I could take a picture, so it is a little messy as well. I am not a fan of yellow....if you can't tell, especially for a grown-up master bedroom....and have been wanting to paint for a while now. Since we're renting, I made sure the homeowners are cool with it. They gave us the green light, so we're doing this!! This will be the very first time we've ever painted one single wall in all ours years of marriage and all the houses we've lived in.

I know I want to go with a gray color.(hence the title) I've seen pictures on Pinterest and it just looks so clean, modern, and is still a neutral, making it easy to decorate with. After looking online and narrowing down some shades I liked, I headed over to Lowe's to get some samples. I finally decided on 4 shades. They all have different undertones, which is good, so I can see how a variety of tones will look in the room. We put up a little sample of each this morning, and here's how they're lookin'.
From left to right, all by Valspar: Woodlawn Colonial Gray, Hazy Stratus, Aspen Gray, & Drizzling Mist
The picture is pretty close to how they look in real life. Of course, you can't see the true shades until you're standing in front of them.
I know which one I like the best, but I'll keep that to myself for now. You'll have to wait for the final results! (which I can hopefully get done in a week or so, and I just know you'll be sitting on the edge of your seat for it, HA!) I'm hoping that actually painting the samples on the wall will give us a kick in the pants to get it done...'cause we don't want 4 shades of paint randomly sitting on our walls forever. No turning back now! It's a little scary. :-)

Have a great weekend!!


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