Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sneak Peek.

I have been busily working on the bedroom, searching and searching for just the right pieces to finish up my vision. I had some luck and wanted to share a sneak peek. 

 Simple white curtains. Oh my, how they complete the room! It is amazing how they just tie everything together, and keep the room so light and airy. Notice, there are new lamps on the nightstands. Love those crystal lamps with simple white shades. The other lamps were fine, but these are much more modern and the shades don't stick out as much as the other ones, meaning they can be put closer to the wall. I moved the old ones to the guest room.

This. This thing is one of my favorite pieces I've gotten so far. I found it at TJMaxx and just loved the phrase. I plan to put it on a wall, just don't know exactly where yet. Love the silver vase too. Perfect little accent piece. And that chevron pattern you're seeing? Well, you can see the entire thing when I put up the final pictures later this week, once the mirror I ordered comes in and is put up. I looked EVERYWHERE for a mirror like I wanted but had no luck, so I decided to order one online. Hopefully it won't come in 3,000 pieces. :-)

I am beyond pleased with how the room is coming together and for the first time ever, I LOVE my bedroom! It's a place I want to be, a place I'm proud of, and a place that feels like a retreat. I couldn't have done any of it without my sweet husband. He's been so helpful, has painted walls, hung curtains, and put up with a lot from me. HA! I can't wait to get the mirror up to bring it all together. It's gorgeous! I'll post more pics then. I hope you're all having a great weekend!!


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