Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas at The Puckett House (And an early present!)

OK, evidently I'm blog-happy today! :-)
Well, I've gotten all (I think) of our Christmas decorations up!! I don't decorate every room in the house, mostly because people don't see all of the rooms, and because I don't have decorations for all the rooms. I will, however, be adding another Christmas tree in the house next year...in Hudson's room! :) I'm pretty pleased with how everything looks and I thought I'd show you some of my favorites! Please excuse the poor quality photos...that leads me to the other part of this post in a minute. ;-)

We'll start with what you see first....the outside!

I posted a picture of the tree a few weeks ago, but I added a bow to the top that my mom made. I love the way the tree looks. You will see that the other decorations are more whimsical and bright. That just wouldn't look too good in our dining room, plus I LOVE the browns, golds, and bronzes on this tree! Exactly the look I was going for!
I had these red ornaments left from the tree last year, so I threw them with some green ones and several pine cones that were TWISTED on with wire to the garland I got for the mantle, and took off one by one. I was determined to use those somewhere after all that work! HA! I didn't want the pine cones on the garland though. Then why buy it, you ask? Because I'm weird and irrational sometimes, that's why! ;-)

I have always loved this "Let It Snow" sign. I think I got it from Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago. It sits perfectly on the ledge between the kitchen and the living room.

I love all of my whimsical towels, my utensil holder(that is actually a cookie jar!!), and my rug that I just got from Target last week! The kitchen is a fun place for me, and I like to keep my decorations fun and cheerful! The towel in the middle says "I Did It For The Cookie". HA! What else is there to say about that? ;)

I think this reindeer plate is so cute that I have to display it. It goes with the utensil holder (AKA: cookie jar!). I also have a few more pieces from this collection. It's so cute and fun! I got these reindeer last year and put them on the mantle, but since I changed the mantle up this year, I decided to put them by the plate. My favorite part is Hudson's newest ultrasound picture sitting beside it. (I'm still not used to calling this little person in my belly by a name....it's a little weird!) HAHA! We get to see him every time we're in the kitchen! :-)

One of my favorite parts of our house this holiday season is our mantle/fireplace! It took me a while to get all the components for it, but I finally did and I am very pleased with it! I LOVE our stockings, I LOVE the green and red balls, AND the new apothecary jar they're in, and I LOVE the cone trees that I got from my mother! I could not find cone trees for the LIFE of me....believe me, I looked everywhere and on every website I could think of! My mom remembered she had tons of them that she got at JCPenney a few years ago on clearance and gave me a few of them.
There are a few other decorations I didn't add, but I just wanted to highlight the favorites.

NOW, for the second part of this post...the early present!
I have been wanting a digital SLR for a while now.....I mean, since like May or sooner!! I believe I posted about a Canon 50D in July or sometime around then. Well, I've realized that a 50D is way too advanced for me at this point, seeing as how I have never done more than hold an SLR in Best Buy or Target for all of 30 seconds! :) It's also a little more than we'd like to spend right now. SO, I've been talking about a Canon T2i for a while now. It's at the top of the Rebel line, but right below the 50D, so it's a good camera that will grow with you until you're ready to upgrade. We've been talking about the possibility of getting one for Christmas (like I said, we're not in a position to run out and spend hundreds, or close to a thousand dollars, on something right now). Well, this weekend on QVC, yes I watch QVC from time to time, they had a great special on a Canon T2i kit. It comes with 2 lenses, a bag, and all the other little standard necessities. And get this: 6 easy payments!!! WHAT?!?! YES! 6 Easy payments!! Can you get that at Best Buy or Target?!?! Uh, noma'amyoucannot! I've never used the easy pay, but I think it's a great idea on big purchases such as this. So we talked about it and thought about it, and last night my husband ordered it without me knowing and forwarded the order confirmation email to me after he got it. HA! What a surprise that was! Such a sweet man he is! I am SO stinkin' excited I can't contain myself. It should be here next Tuesday, if not sooner and I can't wait! I'll be like a kid on Christmas morning!! ;o

Isn't she a beaute?

And say hello to a few of her little friends:

Thank you, Joseph, for the early Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Groundhog Day, Easter gift! HAHA! ;-) I love it already(but know I'll really love it once I actually get it and start using it), and I LOVE YOU!!!! (and not just because you buy me nice cameras!)


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