Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quick Update!

OK, I gotta keep this short & sweet (well, as much as a rambling woman can), otherwise, I'm afraid I'll let something slip!! ;-) We went to the doctor yesterday and had the ultrasound and baby looked so wonderful!! Baby is healthy and we were overjoyed to learn that!! I will give more specifics after we tell the family tomorrow.

We are having a joint Thanksgiving at my parents' house tomorrow with both of our families. Our parents, Joseph's grandparents, brother, (sister & bro-in-law are spending Thanksgiving with his family this year), aunt, uncle, and two cousins, and his other uncle will all be there. Unfortunately, my Nana & Papa will not be there. They left for Gatlinburg this morning for a little getaway. We're really going to miss them, but hope they have a great, restful time. My other grandparents aren't really able to get out and come, so they'll be missed also, but we'll go see them later that day. I'm really excited about having everyone together this year. I'm also excited about all the delicious food, AND the big gender reveal!! We're going to eat around noon or so, and will make the announcement sometime afterward. My mother has been busily preparing for everything, especially the baby table! She has decorated it in tons of pink and blue, with different treats and lots of other fun stuff! I can't wait to see it. I will take tons of pictures, and we'll also record it with Joseph's Flip cam. That is all I'm going to say right now! We should be making the announcement in about 24 hours!!

I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy the special time with your loved ones. Eat way too much, laugh a lot, take a nap, and eat some more! I will catch up with y'all again very soon. ;)


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