Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hello Spring, It's So Good To See You!

Today is the first day of Spring and it is a BEAUTIFUL one!! The weather has been so beautiful the past several days and I'm getting spoiled. We've had a great weekend here. It's been pretty low-key and relaxing. Those are always the best weekends!

Yesterday, we ventured out into Huntsville to do a little exploring, shopping, and eating! (and we did a lot of eating) I did a little research to decide where we wanted to go for lunch and we chose the Blue Plate Cafe. They have good, Southern home-cooking. They specialize in the meat & three type of food, but they also have some sandwiches, salads, and their breakfast is supposed to be to die for.

Here was my lunch. Don't ya like how they served it on a blue plate?..Blue Plate Cafe..get it?
Chicken & Dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans, and corn (not pictured) It was divine! Joseph got the pot roast and it was delicious as well....very tender and flavorful! I may or may not have left my plate completely empty! ;)

Our next stop was for more food! HA I was determined to make a trip to Gigi's Cupcakes and it just so happened to be only 2 miles down the road from the restaurant. So, we headed there and were amazed at the cupcakes we saw! I could've walked away with one of each, but we managed to keep it to 4. ;) I know what you're thinking about the icing, and I thought it was a ridiculous amount myself, but they have this way of making it so light and fluffy and it works. If it were a normal heavy and rich icing, it would definitely be too much.We got Red Velvet, Midnight Magic, Banana Split, and Wedding Cake. The red velvet was probably the BEST red velvet cake I've ever had in my life. Joseph said the midnight magic was great too. The banana split was divine, although I feel that it could have tasted more like a banana split. I have yet to try the wedding cake, but I know it will be good. I LOVE simple wedding or birthday cake. I'm definitely my mom's daughter in that sense! Speaking of my mom, she is coming up to spend a few days with me this week while Joseph is out of town and the first thing on the to-do list is to go to Gigi's. She's going to flip out! You really should go to their website and check out the pictures of all their cupcakes!

We went to the Bridge Street Town Centre afterward and walked around for a while....well, as long as this woman could..which wasn't too long! HA! We both got us some new shades and a pair of shoes. It is such a nice outdoor mall and I actually felt like I was at the beach! (not just because it was SO HOT!) It reminds me so much of the Destin Commons. I love going there when we're in Destin.

Last night we grilled some burgers and hot dogs and enjoyed a nice dinner on the deck. We plan on grilling some chicken kabobs tonight. I want to enjoy these beautiful evenings while they last! :-) To say we've eaten a lot this weekend would be an understatement. HA! It felt like a little vacation to go out and shop, eat, and spend some wonderful time outside in the beautiful weather! I'm enjoying any time we can get together before little man gets here.

I'm off to marinate the kabobs for more grilling fun! Have a great Sunday evening!! :-)


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