Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hudson's Shower = Picture Overload!!

And let me start by saying, please ignore the swollen mama-to-be, yours truly! I didn't realize how swollen I was until I looked at these pictures! Face, nose, lips, ankles, feet, YIKES! I've definitely got the "pregnant face" now!

Let me now say THANK YOU to all of our sweet friends who put this shower together for us....Donna, Katie H., Heather, Tena, Rebekah, Katie S., Melissa, Julie, Judy, Beverly, Peggy, Pat, & Mitzi. You are all appreciated MORE than you'll ever know and we love you all so much!! The shower was held at the Christian Life Center of the church we grew up in. It is so touching to us that all of you would come together and do this for us. It reminded us of how much we miss you all, and our home church. Hopefully we can come visit with Hudson soon! We love you!

Before I start crying...again....on to the pictures....

This cake was the cutest cake ever! And it is absolutely delicious as well...yes, I said, IS...the rest of it is sitting on my kitchen counter as I type, taunting me....

I told you my mom and I picked up something special for the shower in Birmingham before we headed back to Huntsville. Well...these cookies are it! They are from Icing On The Cookie in Homewood and they did a wonderful job. We only gave them 24 hours notice and they had 60 beautiful cookies ready for us.

We got some carriages, stocking caps, and onesies. They are SO good and I highly recommend the place! They can make all kinds of cookies!

My beautiful mother and Nana.

I had so many wonderful friends help with the shower. Katie (below) & Heather helped me with gifts, and Rebekah registered them for me.

Opening the Pack 'n Play from Melissa and Jonathan. A picture of it set up is in yesterday's post.

We are overwhelmed by everyone's love and kindness!

We got to take this picture home. I'm going to put it in Hudson's bathroom. Thank you so much Donna!!

Katie & Donna got Hudson this adorable Alabama outfit and bib! I cannot WAIT to put it on him! By the way...they cheer for that other team, if ya know what I mean, so this is extra special. ;-)

Guests enjoying the goodies.

A beautiful painting with Hudson's letters underneath. Donna made the letters and gave them to us as well. LOVE them!!

Donna found this toy airplane and rehabbed it a little bit. It was the cutest thing ever! My mom had the picture frame made and I love it so much.

My mom got Joseph a diaper bag to match the stroller system. If you remember my diaper bag from a while back, it's a little feminine and is a lot like a purse, so he needed something he can carry around. ;-)

Joseph's mom redid his old baby blanket. I hadn't seen it before, but it was said to be in pretty bad shape. I can't believe she went to the trouble of redoing it for Hudson. That is so special to us! Thank you Priscilla!!

She also gave Hudson some of Joseph's old baby clothes. This is a little sailor outfit.

Joseph's old painting frock. It looks like an apron, but I'm told it's not. ;)

My friend Rebekah (beside me), and her mom got Hudson some Jean diapers!! ;-) They also got him a beautiful bassinet that hasn't come in yet. What a special gift from very special friends!

Chattin' it up with the SIL after opening gifts.

Joseph and his parents, Tommy & Priscilla

My cousin Crystal, who's due with Logan in June, and my friend Catherine! So glad they were there!! Crystal also has a little boy named Garrett. He's the cutest and sweetest thing ever!!

The (huge) mommy & (handsome) daddy-to-be. :-)

A table of gifts.

More gifts!!! He got some beautiful burp cloths and bibs.

As well as some adorable outfits and onesies.

We are so appreciative!

Even more loot!

My best friend Rebekah and "second mother" growing up, Tena. These ladies are so special to me!!

My sweet daddy and me. He is the best in the world! Hudson is SO lucky to have him as his grandfather and I can't wait to see them together. We haven't decided what he'll be called yet, but I like "Big Daddy". His dad is my "Fat Daddy" and I like how they're similar. We'll see if it sticks. :-)

My wonderful Nana & Papa, my mom's parents. Love them dearly!

Joseph and I can't thank everyone enough for all the love you've shown to us and baby Hudson! We are blessed to know every one of you, and hope Hudson gets the chance to know you too. The next few weeks will be filled with washing, organizing, putting together, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little man. We can't wait!!!

I hope your Tuesday is terrific!


  1. How fun!! And you look great! The swelling is temporary! :) Well yours is... LOL!


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