Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Future Wheel Watcher!

Tonight, Hudson and I were sitting on the couch watching our favorite 6:30 show....Wheel of Fortune! (I mean...I seriously love Wheel...in a really geeky way, and I'm determined to be a contestant one day!)
He LOVED it! We watch it every night, but this was the first time he's actually paid attention to it...he wasn't playing with his toys, wasn't jumping, eating, or napping...he watched it, and loved. it.

"Pick a T, a T!!"

His reaction to the wheel spinning.....every time.

"You have got to be kidding! You don't know it yet?!?"

Commercial break = teething break. He's starting to cut a tooth...started on Friday while we were in Birmingham actually, but it's taking its precious time to work its way out. I feel some sharpness now, so it's getting there. I have to remind myself to watch out when applying Orajel to his gums. OUCH!

"I'd like to solve the puzzle, Pat!"

Maybe we can go on together for a mother/son show one day! ;-)


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