Monday, November 21, 2011

Pictures from the Weekend

This weekend was pretty low-key, but Saturday we had some friends over and watched the Bama game. It was on PPV (dumb!) so we ordered it, ate some good food, and cheered on the Tide.

Here's Hudson with Jenna and Conrad. He loved getting to play with his friends! ;-)

Love these guys...two peas in a pod!

Someone was NOT about to give up that paci for a picture...not for a second!


"Whoa, Mom, I wasn't ready!"


Yeah, I pretty much avoid pictures these days, that's why you see none of me. Maybe after I lose a little more weight I won't mind being in them. Once I get passed the holidays, I'm definitely going to kick-start this weight loss thing....eating well and exercising. I'm not even going to attempt doing it now....I know there's no hope with all the delicious food that will be around me.(believe me, I've tried it during the holidays before!) ;-)

Y'all have a great week! It's one of my favorites of the year...Thanksgiving AND Iron Bowl! Bring on the family, food and football!


  1. Great day!!!! Thanks again for having us over!!! Hudson is so cute! AND LAUREN!!!! You look great!!


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