Monday, November 14, 2011

A Little Backyard Photoshoot.....

I decided yesterday was a good day for a little photoshoot in our (huge) backyard. It lends itself well to a little picture-takin'. Hudson wasn't really diggin' the grass...I mean, our grass is completely dead and crunchy so it's not the most comfortable thing to sit on. He's so observant that it's hard to get him to pay attention to the camera and smile anymore...he's all about what's going on around him. Guess I better get used to that, huh?! ;-) I just let him do his thing and snapped some pics. Candids are always the best anyway! I love the ones of him standing with his daddy's help. :) One(or more) of these may end up on our Christmas card this year, unless I can get someone to lend a helping hand and snap some of the three of us during Thanksgiving or sometime soon. I'd like to include the dogs but I don't think I'm crazy enough to try that. ;-)

I hope your Monday was a pleasant one. Have a wonderful week!!


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