Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Back 2 Back

I'm sure all the non-Alabama fans are pretty sick and tired of hearing from us Alabama fans. I'm sorry in advance. This isn't a post to gloat, really. I honestly don't have anything else to write about and seem to have been caught by the crud, or whatever this is, so I thought I'd share some pictures, a few words, and go lay on the couch for a few minutes before Hudson wakes up from his nap. 

Monday was SUCH a long day!! I always hate waiting for night games, but when it's the national championship you're waiting for, it's quite maddening!! Might I suggest a 2:30 Saturday or Sunday game instead? Take note, ESPN. Kthanx!

Hudson and I got on our game day attire that afternoon and waited......and waited.....

My lucky earrings, of course!

We feasted on the ever-important football foods. Ro-Tel dip/chips, wings, and we also had pizza.
 IN some of my beautiful Bama dishes. That's vital, people! 

Someone was pretty thrilled about the Ro-Tel. 

 And in what was probably the most boring national championship game ever(I'm sorry, but I don't think ND belonged in that game)......
Bama walked away with its 3rd crystal in 4 years!!! It's so crazy to think that the SEC has controlled the BCS for SEVEN years! 4 of those years have been teams in Alabama. Bama won in '09, Auburn in '10, and Bama in '11 & '12. What?? Does that even happen??? 

But don't think we Bama fans aren't humble. I mean, we're riding on this high for as long as we can, but we definitely appreciate where we came from. Joseph and I both attended UA when the football team had seasons...well, about like Auburn did this year. Sorry, AU friends. But, we feel your pain!!! We've been there and we remember it all too well! Back in '03, tickets were dirt cheap, nobody wanted 'em, and there was never a packed house. Today, you are extremely lucky to get a ticket without having to refi your house. OK, maybe I exaggerate a smidgen. 
It's amazing what a few years, and ONE COACH, can do!! Our program has been blessed to have Saban and he's taken the team to places none of us ever imagined. He knows how to coach, recruit, inspire, and lead. He has a phenomenal coaching staff, too. I mean, they're the best!
We all know that someday it will end. Unfortunately, it can't go on forever and it'll be someone else's turn to have a high like we're on right now. But we will enjoy it while we can. 

And I can't wait until our matching championship shirts come in!

Win or lose, I bleed crimson through & through!!


And thus begins the road to 16. ;-)


  1. Hey Lauren! I nominated you for the Liebster award. :) the details are over on my blog.

    1. Thanks girl! You're so sweet. I checked it out and will get busy soon. ;-)

  2. ROLL TIDE!!!

    I agree with you! It was kind of a boring game! ND didn't deserve to be there! It was almost like watching a High School team play!

    But I sure am proud of Alabama! We have a great coach that knows what he is doing!

    Oh and I remember those days that we weren't that great! At the time I was dating an Auburn fan (YUCK) and bought me a few Auburn shirts to wear... I refused! I didn't care how bad Alabama was, I was not putting orange and blue on!

    1. I was expecting a lot more from ND, but I guess that just shows the kind of schedule they had. Maybe the playoff system won't be so bad after all. :)

      Good for you for refusing to wear those ugly colors!! ;-) I don't miss those days, but I know these days won't last forever. I'm enjoying them while I can!! RTR!


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