Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Little Things

Ya know how they say "it's the little things"....? That is so right. It's not a brand new car, a wad of money, a new house...although those things would be awesome! But you're browsing through Target and just stumble upon these little things that just seem to bring joy to your day. 

There's something about finding a super cute new mug for your morning coffee.
I'm about to break this baby in with a delicious International Delight Cinnabon flavored afternoon cup of joe! If you've never tried that creamer before, GO GET SOME!
And while I'm on the subject of this mug, may I suggest you go to your nearest Target and browse the new things in their kitchen/dinnerware section. Oh em gee!!! They have some adorable jars, dishes, towels, bowls, and some specialty things. I plan on going back next week to get a few more things. 

Then there's these adorable striped straws. Aren't these fantastic!?!?! 
Spritz makes some very cute party supplies.
 I'm in love!! I plan to stash these away to use some of the colors for Hudson's 2nd birthday party. I've decided on a theme and am getting ideas together for it. Yes, his birthday isn't for 3 more months (tomorrow!!!) but I have to plan ahead.

And to me, a cute set of note cards is such a great little pick me up!

I love the pink/white quatrefoil pattern, but I think I love the unexpected envelope design even more! The pink and navy look so good together.

All of these things came from the wonderful Target. I really should just rent a space to live there.
It's my 2nd home, and I'm okay with that.

What are some of your favorite things you've bought yourself lately?

Happy Saturday!


  1. I just bought new gold sparkly flats at target and I am in love! just blogged about them yesterday. And yes I too need a rental space there!

    1. Oh, I saw them and they are fab!!! If it's possible to need a Target intervention...I definitely do! ;)

  2. LOVE that mug. I'm a sucker for all things Target. It can be a problem...but I too am okay with that. :)

    My Polished Side Blog

    1. Isn't it so cute? They have several new cute ones so I'm gonna need to make another trip. ;) I have a Target problem, most definitely. HA!

  3. I LOVE Target! I walked through the home section last week and I had to make myself walk away! They have some super cute new stuff lately...and I want it ALL! Love that new mug!


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