Sunday, January 27, 2013

Not Your Typical Date Night...

Joseph and I try to go out on a date once a month or so. We love being together as a family with the little guy, but it is so nice to get away as a couple for a bit every now and then. We usually do the dinner and a movie thing (we're pretty predictable like that), but yesterday we did something we've never done in our 12+ years together. 

No, we didn't rob a bank. What kind of people do you think we are??!!

We did, however, go to the shooting range yesterday afternoon.
I'm pretty sure this is how my face looked the entire time we were there.
Yours truly had never shot a gun before yesterday. No one in my family hunts and I didn't grow up around guns...except maybe a BB gun. :) And the only reason I wanted to is because it is becoming increasingly evident that I need to learn how to defend myself and my family if I'm ever put in a situation where it's necessary.

If you wanna feel super sexy, put on these amazing glasses and earphones. Niiiiccceeee!!
I look like I'm wearing those awesome giant sunglasses from back in the day.
You know the ones I'm talking about....

Now, the hubs is an experienced shooter, although it has been a while since he's done any. He did more skeet shooting with his shotgun than anything, though. It didn't take him long to get back in the swing of it. He's a pretty good shot.
We were both pretty proud of our "muzzle blasts" we caught as each of us was shooting. The hubs informed me of this "muzzle blast" term, 'cause I certainly wouldn't know what I'm talking about! Rookie, here, people!!
 I also have very obvious rookie form. I was just trying to keep the bullets where they were supposed to be. I was pretty terrified, if I'm being honest. By the time we were out of ammo, I was finally getting somewhat, not absolutely trembling with fear, just a notch above uncomfortable, comfortable. I was ready to quit after the first shot, but I persevered. I'm glad I did, because I know what to expect next time and will be more prepared for the power of that thing. We shot with a .40 and I can't imagine shooting with anything more powerful than that. Gah!! My arms are some kinda sore today!

If there is such a thing as beginner's luck, I didn't have it yesterday. Oh, and our gun had a laser on it you could use too. That makes this all the more pathetic. The holes that are actually in the target were finally hit with the last few bullets I had. 
Next time, I'll request the biggest target they help my self-esteem. ;)
The hubs isn't too shabby. Showoff....

After practicing our shooting skills, we hit up Target. Somehow, we always seem to make it to Target on date night. It's usually my fault. It is my 2nd home, after all.
We had some time to kill before our dinner reservations and I had my eye on a couple new mirrors. We recharged with a little of this goodness first.
Hot chocolate for the non coffee drinker, and a caramel latte for moi!!

We browsed around my mother-ship for a while, picked up a beautiful new entryway mirror and a new leaning floor mirror for the bedroom. It's as tall as I am, which makes it perfect for checking out your outfits before you leave. I'll share them soon. Great prices for great quality items!! 

For dinner, we went to Grille 29. Super delish and the service is wonderful!
It's always nice to watch the beautiful evening sky before dinner.

The Firecracker Shrimp are to die for!! If you like the Bang Bang Shrimp at Bonefish Grill, you will LOVE these!! They have a little more spice, but it's not bad. If I can eat 'em, it's not too hot! I'm a wuss when it comes to spicy foods.

Grouper Oscar was probably the best grouper I've ever had. The slightest crispy sear on the outside. 
I want some more right now!

Joseph got the stuffed scallops with lobster mashed potatoes! Wha?!?!? Pretty good, but I'm not really a scallop fan. 

And we're that couple who stops to take a pic in front of the 45 degree weather. 
Can you tell we're parents and don't get out on our own much? ;-)

We always have such a good time together and I'm so thankful for our date nights. 

I hope you've had an amazing weekend and are recharged for another week.
See y'all tomorrow!


  1. I'm kinda weird because since I've met my husband, I love to target shoot! I only like handguns, because you don't have to deal with the awful kickback of a rifle. We got a new 9 mm the week before Christmas because safety is a concern for us as well.

    And, oh my goodness, the food looks amazing!

    1. Ha, you're not weird, you're just used to it! I could totally start liking it once I get used to it. I got in a groove for a while and it was kind of fun for a few minutes. :) The .40 was powerful enough and I can't imagine shooting a rifle or shotgun. Yikes! I know nothing at all about different types of guns, but I'd like to figure out what I'm most comfortable shooting/holding and get one when I'm ready.

      And it was so good!! First time there and it was worth it! I love me some food! ;)

  2. Fun! I love doing different stuff like that on date night...and Bonefish is one of our faves! Yummy!

    1. It was a nice change and I actually had a little fun...once I got over the terror factor. HAHA!

  3. Ahem, meant to say Bonefish is one of our faves *so Grille29 sounds right up our alley.* Yummy! Ha!

    1. We LOVE Bonefish and this is very similar to it. You'd like it!! :)

  4. I live in Las Vegas and with the shooting ranges around the area, it's not surprising to hear couples enjoy shooting.

  5. The shooting range sounds fun for a date! And I don't think you can ever go wrong with Starbucks!!


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