Sunday, January 06, 2013

The First Cut is the Deepest...

OK, maybe not the best play on words. Nobody got cut...emotionally, or physically. 

BUT, a certain little guy did get his first hair cut yesterday. (Cue sad face.) I know a lot of kids need their first hair cut WELL before they're 20 months old. Our poor dude barely had enough hair to trim, but he was gettin' a pretty nice party in the back and I couldn't stand his unkempt look any longer.

Well...the party's over.

And it went about as I expected.

He was super excited when we walked in and he wanted to check out everything.

 Then came the cape......
He wanted me to save him and it took everything I had not to grab him up and love on him. :(

(good shot of the party in the back)

The screaming continues....

 I was hoping we'd be the only ones there so people wouldn't have to deal any screaming he might do.

That wasn't the case, but they were all understanding and patient. 
And luckily we were in and out very quickly.

He calmed down after a few minutes and we played music on daddy's phone.


A little Push It by Salt-n-Pepa made it all better. Oh yes we did!! :-)

This look says "What have you done to me?!?!"

After a little mohawk fun...

We made it out alive....

More handsome than ever! 
 So much better! But I do kinda miss the shaggy mess. Just a smidgen. 
They saved some of his hair for me to keep. So sweet.

And now I can see the little strawberry on the back of his neck again. I love it!
It's pretty light until he gets upset or hot, but I know it's there.

A quick trip to Publix for a few things, and a couple balloons made him forget all about the trauma he had endured.

After a much needed nap, we headed out for some Mexican. I declared it a no cooking day so we hit up the restaurant near our house.

Some well-deserved cheese dip and chips!

He likes a little bit of chip with his cheese.
 Look at that big boy hair cut! Waaahhh!

Some shape hammering...

 followed by a pre bed-time jam session ended our day.

GREAT Saturday with my boys!

And now, with the BCS National Championship Game just about 15 hours away, I am a cleaning, snacking, pacing bundle of nerves. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, no need to worry. I've just got my face buried in a bag of chips or I'm anxiously cleaning my floors.



  1. I used to do hair and honestly, I dreaded doing small children. Not for any other reason than I just didn't want to hurt or torture those sweet babies. And hello, going at a childs head with scissors while they are squigling everywhere? eek. just one of the reasons I quit the biz. he is adorable though.


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