Friday, January 25, 2013

High Five for Friday!


Here are some things I loved about this week!

1. A little mommy time during nap time. I'm usually using nap time to work on blog posts, clean, do laundry, take a shower, etc. I set aside nap time one day to have a little chocolate, a little mani/pedi, and a little Wings on Netflix(which I am totally addicted to, BTW!)

2. A beautiful new addition to our bedding ensemble, available here. I'm. In. Love. It's a beautiful peacock blue quatrefoil pattern and it looks so pretty on our white comforter. It's actually a duvet cover so if I decide to use it as the comforter one day, I can just stuff our current one into it. I like it folded as an accent blanket for now. It comes with 2 shams as well. I'm trying to decide between dark coral or yellow for a couple accent pillows to add a pop of color. What do y'all think??

3. My "facts of me" post got me wanting some Sonic onion rings. And you have to throw in an Oreo blast! I mean, I'm pretty sure it's a rule. Sweet hubs picked some up the other night. 

4. My Better Life Bag (BLB) came in and I love it. You can read all about it here, and please do if you haven't already.

5. I told you I'm a sucker for sunsets. This was in my backyard yesterday evening. I'm amazed by the beauty of our world.

What were some of your favorite parts of the week? Link up with Lauren to share them!!


Happy Friday, folks!!! Have a stupendous weekend!!!

Stupendous.....people should use that word more often. I like it.


  1. Happy Friday! Your post is stupendous! :) Love your bag, snacks and duvet cover!

  2. YAY Friday!! The duvet cover is really cute! My vote is for the coral accent pillows, but either would be cute!

  3. mad at me would you be if I borrowed your idea and order that bedding?. It is exactly what I've been looking for and the price is perfect! Love it!

    1. Oh girl, you go ahead and get it! It is FAB!! The color is beautiful and it's super soft! I'm glad I was able to share it so you could find it! :)

  4. What a cute blog you have! I just found it via frommygreydesk, and I love it! Great job.


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