Friday, July 26, 2013

5 on Friday!

Wooooohooo for Friday!!!

Have you tried this stuff??? I've been looking for it EVERYWHERE and cannot find it!! Luckily, I have a sweet mom who found some at Food World in Gadsden and brought me one. It is so good, I understand it's out at every store.

I'm super happy to report, that after 2.5. weeks, my plants are GROWING!!! Not dead, but growing, people!! There's hope for me yet!!

Also, the hydrangeas in the backyard are blooming more and are just beautiful! I can't wait until they're fully bloomed so I can bring some in the house.

I've been pretty good about restraining myself from buying too many baby clothes (especially for Miss Raegan, because she doesn't have that much and I'm tempted to buy, buy, buy), but every now and then I see an outfit I just can't pass up. 
Like today....
I die!!
Although I'm kinda thinking maybe I should exchange it for size 0-3 mo. The pants are pretty tiny and in Alabama it'll probably be warm enough to wear this outfit until at least early-mid November.

Tomorrow we're taking a day trip down to Birmingham to go to the zoo!!! Even when we lived in Bham we never went, so I'm excited to go check it out. We were torn between Bham and Nashville, but after finding out that Nashville is SOOOO big and spread out(and I'm like 57 months pregnant) and reading some reviews that the animals are a little too far away, we decided on Birmingham. Hudson loved the aquarium, but I think he'll love the zoo even more. I'm stoked!
I'll be sure to post all about our visit!

Have a happy weekend!!!


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