Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Midweek Minute

 77th time's the charm, right?? 
I've told y'all before I have NO green thumb! It's mostly just because I forget about the flowers or plants that I buy and totally abandon them. Good thing I don't do that to my child, huh!?! But I figure, if I can care for this little human and keep him alive, then surely I can keep some little plants alive. So, we're giving it one more good shot. And since these are at the front door, neighbors pass by them every day, and I don't want it to look bad, maybe I'll be better about watering these babies. I'll make it my after breakfast ritual. We'll see how it goes!!

Hudson has his own hair stylist every night after bath time. Daddy does this to "help his hair dry better".... so for a few minutes, before I brush it out, he's got fancy, McDreamy hair. HA!

 We had our 28 week checkup today and it went great! This momma is also happy to report she PASSED her glucose test!!! Whoop whoop! Now, where's that key lime pie??
 Y'all, I'm really afraid of how this belly's gonna look in a couple more months.

I had to get some pecans to make some chicken salad.
Easy open tear strips, my foot!!! False advertisement at its finest!!

I kinda like this midweek minute thing. I totally just thought it up while I was putting Hudson down for a nap. A quick midweek post you can read in a minute or less. Maybe I'll make it a weekly thing!!!

Happy Wednesday, or as the camel says...."HUMP DAAAAYY!!"


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