Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The Dreaded PT, and I Don't Mean Physical Therapy

That's right......potty training!

I said that once we were moved into the new place, I wanted to introduce Hudson to the potty. No pressure, just bust out the potty seat and see how he took to it. I've sat him on the big potty before and He. Hated. It. Screamed and cried and bolted outta there as fast as he could. That was quite a few months ago, and he's been showing interesting in "pee pee", especially when he sees people go into the bathroom and he calls them out.
Seriously. We're sitting in a restaurant and are close enough to see the restroom...he sees someone walk in there and he's all "Pee pee!!". Yes ma'am, that's my child announcing to the entire building that you're going to pee. Sorry 'bout that.
Aaaaannddd, lemme just go crawl under that rock...

Aaaaanyway....we've got 2 different potty seats. A simple little seat that sits on top of the big potty, and the full-blown 3-in-1 potty seat that he goes in and I get to clean out. Betcha can't guess which one I'm a bigger fan of???
Luckily, he's taken to the toilet topper seat very well. I'm hoping it stays that way. I love my child and all, but cleaning that up? Not so much.

Sunday, I put the seat on the toilet and he immediately wanted to sit on it. We didn't end up having any success, but I was super encouraged by the fact that he liked it, didn't want to get up, and wanted so badly to pee pee like a big boy. No screaming, no crying, no running for the hills as far as possible. That equaled success in my book, especially for the first day. We didn't even start until later in the day so the time for action was limited.

Well, yesterday, we stuck with it. We tried and we tried and we tried. And he finally peed in the potty, y'all!!! I'm not sure who was more proud, me or him! He was so excited and afterward was running around yelling "I pee pee!!!". 
(Sorry, JT, but it was too perfect not to use. I'm sure you ran around yelling "I pee pee!" at some point in your life, too.)

It was such a proud moment...for both of us! We texted Daddy a picture with the details and he was equally proud and thrilled of his big boy.

He knows what to do, and can do it. Now, it's just about staying on top of it throughout the day and getting him to the potty regularly so he's in there when he actually has to go. He's trying to tell me that he has to go, but usually by the time he does, he's already gone in his diaper. He'll get better about it, I know. It'll take some work, but I feel like we're on the road to no more diapers. My goal is to have him (at least daytime) trained by the time the twins come. Sooner would be better, of course.
Now that I know he can do it, and he wants to do it, momma's gonna capitalize on it and help him do it! 
Y'all just pray for my sanity during this time. K, thanks!! :)
And if I go missing for a short time, don't worry. I'm just sitting in the bathroom with a child who refuses to get off the potty because he's obsessed with pee-peeing like a big boy. 
At least he has the desire, I guess?


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