Monday, July 01, 2013

Weekend Happenings

This weekend was not one for rest, unfortunately. We were busy busy busy, but hey...we can rest when we're dead, right? :) We had a little more stuff (junk) to get from the old house so we loaded up both of our cars a couple times on Saturday (thank goodness it's only a few minutes from the new house!!) to collect the rest of it. We are officially out and all of our stuff is at the new house now! *hallelujah* 
To prepare for the busy weekend, we charged up with a tasty dinner at Chili's on Friday.
I have no idea what we ordered for dinner....because this was really all that mattered...

After getting all of our junk over to the new house, we decided it needed to be packed neatly in the garage. Most of it was boxes of seasonal decor, lawn stuff, etc. that needed to be stored somewhere. (I seriously need to have a yard sale, but I consider them the devil...what's a girl to do??) We have an attic but access to it is through the bonus/guest room, so you have to walk up the stairs to the bonus room to get to it so yeah....that wasn't gonna happen. Not for this girl, anyway. So the hubs got a few storage racks from Lowe's, we put 'em together and up and away went all the junk. 

This little guy cruised for chicks while we worked.

Then he got busted with a DUI(oh good grief, PLEASE let this be the ONLY one EVER!!), so he won't be cruising again for a while.

Have y'all tried these? I'm not the biggest Greek yogurt fan, but this is awesome with the fruit!! There's a regular yogurt version too. The strawberry is delish!

The biggest (and most exciting) accomplishment this weekend has to be getting the twins' cribs put together!! We found a dresser for their room, and a few other accessories and I can't wait to pull it all together with their bedding(which I finally ordered today...and THAT HURT!!!!), a rug, curtains, and some things on the walls. It's coming together so nicely.
Big brother likes hanging out in their room. He better do all the hanging out he wants to do now, before they're in it, trying to sleep!!! HA!

We ended the weekend with tasty grilled chicken & shrimp kabobs for dinner. Grilling out for the first time in a new house always helps it feel a little more like home!
I'm so happy it's a short week for Joseph. He works hard and deserves a nice long weekend. 
Hopefully a little less working and a little more relaxing will be done. 

So, what did your weekend consist of?

And don't forget....

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  1. that dessert looks delicious. I want some now.

  2. The pic of Chili's dessert you posted, uh...I gotta go to DQ now!! ;)


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