Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Midweek Minute - 29 Weeks

OK, here's a whole lotta info in one quick post...

My 29 week checkup was this morning. (I'm going weekly now. Yes, I thought it was early too.) 
I'm also having non-stress tests at each weekly visit. Again, a little earlier than I expected, but it's cool.
Our appointment went great this morning, even if we were there for THREE hours! This is no exaggeration. Most of this time was spent waiting or doing the NST....or waiting some more. 
A little ridiculous, nonetheless, no?
The important thing is that the twins and I both look great, we're all growing (I mean, have you SEEN this belly??!?!)
It does look we have a little chunky sister on our hands. Miss Raegan is weighing in at 3 lbs, 6oz while brother Grayson is weighing 2 lbs, 15oz. She's about a whole 1/2 pound ahead of him and is measuring 29w, 5d. She's in the 75th percentile for weight, while he's just in the 32nd. This was the only thing that concerned the doctor in any way. And I wouldn't even go as far to use the word concerned, but she likes to see twins closer in size at this point. (4 weeks ago they were both 1 lb, 12oz) She is, however, sending me to their fetal specialist on Monday for a second opinion and second set of measurements. She said that these measurements aren't always accurate and they may find that she's not as big as their ultrasound was showing today. 
This is just to rule out any issues with his placenta so we know he's getting the proper nutrients and she's not hogging it all. Basically, we want to make sure they're sharing well. Bless 'em, having to share before they're even born! I mean he IS taking up most of the room in there so I don't blame homegirl for stealing a nutrient here and there, ya know what I mean?
The tech also noticed that Raegan is breathing, which means her lungs have developed. They tend to develop faster in girls than boys.

I found their monthly onesie stickers waiting for me in the mailbox today. Precious.
Little things like this make it all the more real that I'll have two tiny newborns(not to mention the rowdy 2 year old who lives here as well, ha!) in a couple months.
Excuse me while I go rest up!!
Etsy, y'all. Etsy's where it's at. Between Etsy and Target, I can get into a LOT of trouble. 
I'm not sure which one my husband hates worse. HA!

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. You look so dad gum cute! We need to get together before you aren't able to travel!!


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