Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Midweek Minute - Thoughts on The Royal Baby

Sound the trumpet, the royal baby has been born and it's a "half-blood prince". I'm not a Harry Potter fan..I just saw a bunch of tweets about that the other day so I decided to use it.

The new little family made their first appearance yesterday and introduced Prince no-name to the world.  (work on that, you guys. give that boy an identity!) I have to admit, I did get a little teary seeing the new parents so overjoyed by their new bundle. I know that feeling and it's amazing. I also know what I felt like the day after I gave birth to an 8+ lb baby and I'm sure Kate is super thankful for the "good meds" she's still getting right about now.
How presh....they've already taught the babe how to wave!!?? (notice his little hand pop up after William waves. HA!)

Watching them speak to the public for a minute reminded me how kind and humble they seem to be. They may be royalty, but they still seem down to earth and I loved how William couldn't get that big smile off his face.

I mean, let's mentally compare his winning personality to the multiple personalities of Kanye West for a minute....
Never-mind...don't put yourself through that. I the only one who was waiting for him to bust up in there and steal their thunder?

 Kate looked absolutely stunning, not the least bit swollen, and I might hate her a little bit for that. (ok, I don't) But after watching yesterday's debut, I've decided that when we televise our introduction of the twins to the world for the first time, I will hire a "debut stand-in".

Perhaps Olivia Munn?
I mean, she's hawt!

Or maybe Selena "I" not only look amazing after giving birth, but somehow also look 10 years younger?? 
Sounds like a plan to me!

I make some jokes, but I'm seriously happy for the royal family. It's nice to see something positive and worth celebrating on the news. I'm good now, though. Let's not have royal baby overkill, mmmk?(probably not the best choice of words there)

Y'all look for our Puckett twins debut on TV in a couple months and see who I chose to be my stand-in. ;-)


  1. yes! no royal baby overkill would be fantastic! i love that Kanye one! too funny!

  2. I'm not really a royal watcher but I am all excited about this baby! I mean, we get to watch a royal grow up again! Fun stuff! I'm also really glad that she didn't pick a name that I might potentially want in the future. I was having anxiety over that, and of course, Forrest thought I was nuts!


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