Monday, October 17, 2011

"Look, Mom, no hands!"

This little guy is quickly becoming a pro at sitting up! I can't believe it! He gets tired after a few minutes, but just needs a few quick seconds to rest before he's ready to sit up some more. He tries SO hard to sit himself up from lying down, but we're not there yet. As soon as he's doing that, it'll be time to lower the crib. :(

Saturday we headed out and about for a little bit before the Bama game. We went to check out the new Babies "R" Us, which is crazy big, and nice!! It has so much more stuff, and it's also a Toys "R" Us, so that's super convenient. I hate that BRU is no longer right beside Target and that it's a little further away, but this one is so nice I don't mind! :)

I wanted to check out the jogging strollers they have in stock and I think we'll go with this one when we do purchase one. I tried out a couple others (yes, I literally jogged down an aisle to test them out) but this was the smoothest and the front wheel didn't bounce like others did.

Poor baby was tired out from our outing to BRU and Cracker Barrel. ;)

Here are some more pictures of Hudson being way too big!!

I can't believe this sweet boy will be 6 months old in just 3 days!! Unreal!


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