Tuesday, October 04, 2011

5 Month Must-Haves

I did a post when Hudson was 2 months old about our must-haves. You can find it here. I thought it was time to do one again since he's a little older. We still use a lot of the things from the 2 month post, such as the pump (I'm still pumping!), drying rack, pacifier wipes, bumbo, disposable diaper bags, and travel system. Hudson has started sitting in the stroller and loves it. I was worried he would hate not being able to see us but he's done great! Here are some other things we're loving right now.

BornFree Teether with Gum Massager
This was a gift from Hudson's Aunt Lissa and he LOVES it. He thought the massager was a little weird at first but now he goes right to that end from the start. :-)

We use this bottle warmer quite frequently for milk that's been refrigerated. It warms up fast and is easy to use.

Pain reliever for his gums! This is a life-saver, especially for bedtime! We use this brand, but we use off-brands too and they work great.

Orajel is another life-saver, again...mostly the nighttime formula. We use some during the day too, but not too often.
Summer Infant Video Monitor
I am quite certain I would go crazy without this!

Hudson LOVES his jumperoo. He's in it right now, actually. He can pretty much touch the floor now, but is more comfortable with the pillow under his feet. He jumps, sways, plays with the toys, bites said toys ;), and just loves finding something new on it. He gets great exercise in it.

Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine
If it weren't for this thing, I don't think Hudson would be sleeping through the night. This blocks out all the noise and he sleeps great! Just the other night, our neighbors' dogs were barking LIKE CRAZY and I know that if we didn't have this they definitely would've woken him up...and that would make for one mad baby...and mommy! :) It has several nature sounds, which we use, lullabies, and you can also plug an MP3 player into it.

Infantino Carrier
This is great for trips to Target, Publix Kroger, etc. If I'm just getting a few small things, I'll usually just put Hudson's carseat in the cart and put things around him. Most of the time I'm getting more than that so this is great to carry him in. He loves it too! He's not ready to ride in the buggy so this is great to use until he can.

There are probably a few more things that should go on this list, but these are definitely some things we can't live without! Have a great Tuesday!


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