Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Smile, You're On Camera...err, um, Video!!

Every morning when Hudson wakes up, I let him hang out for several minutes before I go get him. He rolls around all over the place, talks to himself, plays with his bumper (which he's just discovered), and checks out his feet...probably wondering why they're covered up. Here are a couple of pics from this morning. :-)

We went to Publix today and look who's using the shopping cart cover!! Such a big boy now. :(

He did so good and loved his new view of everything! He also got lots of attention. I guess people are more standoff-ish when he's strapped to me! HA! He loved all the attention and getting to sit up and check everything out. Shopping was much more enjoyable without trying to bend over to grab something with what I'm sure is at least 17 extra pounds strapped to me. (no wonder my back is shot!)

The weather is yucky this evening so we're having some good ol' taco soup and cornbread. I also got some stuff to throw in the crock-pot this week. Can't beat a good crock-pot dinner! The weather is going to be perfect for it too! Bring on the Fall temps!!!! Have a great week y'all!!


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