Wednesday, June 19, 2013

25 Week Checkup

We went for our 25 week checkup this morning and I thought I'd update on how things are going. 
Grayson & Raegan are doing GREAT!!! I continue to be so thankful for this healthy pregnancy I'm having. Blood pressure's great, weight gain's good (not to me, but whatever!), babies are growing right on track, with no issues, fluid levels are perfect, and I just feel so blessed.

Here's the babes' 25 week ultrasound pics...

Grayson is in the left two, with his profile on the top and 3D on the bottom. His heart rate was a fast 167 this time. Joseph and I both think he looks a lot like Hudson. They have a very similar profile and look a lot alike from the front as well. Grayson appears to have slightly juicier lips, though. ;-)
 Miss Raegan is in the right two pictures. Her heart rate was around 150. Poor thing, brother has hogged all the space and she's so crammed that she's practically eating her feet!! This is why we can't ever get a good profile or front view of her. He's still kicking her in the head from time to time. I'm pretty sure we've seen this happen on every ultrasound. She's gonna get payback when she busts outta here, though, I'm quite sure of it. I guess she'll have to learn to be tough early on with 2 brothers.

They both weigh 1 lb, 12 oz!!! I mean, they're almost 2 pounds EACH!! And I was worried they might be on the small side. Yikes! Raegan is measuring 3 days ahead, though, and the tech said she's got some long arms. (I guess she'll have her momma's long monkey arms!)

I go in 3 weeks to the lab for my glucose test (BOOO!!!). They just do a 2 hour test and if you pass, you pass and if you fail, you have GD. Oy! This makes me nervous! I failed my 1 hour test with Hudson, but passed the 3 hour test, so I'm hoping and praying I pass this 2 hour test! 
I also go back in 3 weeks for my 28 week checkup and will go EVERY WEEK from there on out!! Weekly visits already? They'll do non-stress tests at each weekly appointment and the usual checkup stuff, but I also have monthly ultrasounds too, so I might as well just set up a cot and move into the OB's office for a while. ;-)

I snapped a pic today after we got home, before I put on my "home" clothes. Y'all, this belly!! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was in the "pudgy" stage, when you look like you've just eaten too many cheeseburgers and you're not obviously pregnant to people yet.
And now, here I am with this huge cantaloupe under my shirt!!
I know I have LOTS of growing to do, though, and with that (and especially in this heat) will come some swelling. So, I'm enjoying being able to get out and do things on my feet without having them swell up to twice their size. I had a lot of fluid the last few weeks with Hudson, which caused big time swelling. I'd love to avoid that this time around, but I doubt that's possible. The hot weather will only add to it, I'm sure. I'm eating those words I once said about never being pregnant during the Summer!! Never say never!!! caption necessary. Yowza!!
Moving right along....

I hope you're having a great Wednesday! The next few days will probably be a little crazy around here so if I'm MIA, I apologize. I promise to be back ASA-Please (Duck Dynasty, anyone?). 
Y'all be good!


  1. LOVE these sweet babies already! I can't wait to meet them! Have fun packing and let me know if you need any help!

  2. WOW! You're getting close momma!! You look amazing though! :)

  3. I found your blog through Leslie Lambert's. First of all, congrats on the twins! I just had my first baby girl in April and had to take the dreaded 2 hour glucose test. Needless to say, I failed. By ONE stinking point and had to take the GD class. I was so upset! Here is my advice. Walk around between drinking the liquid and the blood draws. I sat and browsed the internet for the 1 hour and failed. I then left and wandered around Wal-Mart before the 2 hour blood draw and PASSED. I know stress had a lot to do with mine, too. I hope this helps! Many blessings to you and the growing babies! I will be cheering you on! :)


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