Tuesday, June 18, 2013

25 Weeks

Excuse me, but when did the 3rd trimester get so close??? I've got 3 weeks left in the 2nd trimester, then we're in the home-stretch. I don't know if it's because I'm preoccupied with a toddler 24/7 or what, but this pregnancy has absolutely flown by!!! I mean, y'all. I could have these babies in like 10 weeks!!! Of course, the longer they stay in, the better, but it's very common for twins to come as early as 35-36 weeks. Eeekkk!!!
Part of me is SOOOO ready to not be pregnant, but then the other part is thinking, when I'm not pregnant anymore, I'll have TWO newborns to care for!!! How am I gonna handle that?? :)

How Far Along? 25 Weeks.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I haven't been weighing myself, so I'm not sure...and frankly, I'm totally fine with that! 20ish maybe? Whew!

Genders: BOY AND A GIRL!!! Grayson Wells and Raegan Elise!

Maternity Clothes? Yep!! Pretty much the only regular thing I can wear is maxi dresses/skirts or yoga/stretchy pants. Definitely in pants/shorts and shirts for length...even some maternity shirts are slowly getting a little short. Oy! I can still wear my pre-pregnancy size in the maternity clothes so that's encouraging

Stretch Marks? No. I didn't get any with Hudson, so here's to hoping I have the same luck this time around.

Sleep: Eh. It's OK. I'm pretty much confined to side-sleeping now so I do a lot of flip-flopping from one side to the other. I'm at the point where breathing gets difficult when I'm laying down so I have to prop my head up a little bit. As long as I don't get too hot, I sleep pretty well most nights. I like the room COLD right now!!

Movement: Yes. Anywhere and everywhere!

Food Cravings: I've really been into lemonade, peach punch, lemonberry slushes from Sonic. Fruity drinks are so good to me right now.

Food Aversions: Aversions are pretty much gone now, thank goodness. If I get a whiff of something less than appetizing in the morning, that'll get me though. Toaster strudels and coffee do NOT taste as good coming back up, unfortunately. :/

Labor Signs: No!

Symptoms: Sciatic nerve pain, getting tired out quickly, short of breath, and some head/backaches. Oh and don't forget the potty breaks every half hour. ;-)

Belly Button In or Out? Definitely starting to protrude, especially at the top.

Wedding Rings On or Off? On

Miss Anything? Not really.

Best Moment This Week: A few good moments...knocking out a lot of packing, getting excited about moving into the new place, celebrating and spending time with the dads in our lives for Father's Day, and seeing Hudson become more aware of the babies in my belly. He loves giving them hugs and kisses. LOVES it! Most of the time, he has to lift my shirt to do this, though (or at least he thinks he does!) so this can get kinda awkward at times. HA!!

Looking Forward To: Getting settled into the new house this weekend! We have our 25 week checkup on Wednesday. Excited to see how the babies are growing. 

Even though I'm kinda ready to not be pregnant, I really can't complain too much about this pregnancy, especially with it being a twin pregnancy. I've been so incredibly blessed with a healthy pregnancy thus far and I hope and pray it continues this way. Sure, things are getting uncomfortable, I'm dealing with those tough parts of pregnancy earlier on than I did with Hudson (trouble breathing, sciatic nerve pain, etc) but they're all tolerable at this point and as long as we all continue to be healthy, I'll tolerate the uncomfortable parts.


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