Monday, June 24, 2013

We Made It!

Hey, y'all, and Happy Monday!! 
Well, if you're reading this, it means I survived the move this weekend. Barely. For a second there, I wasn't sure I would. But thanks to my awesome, helpful husband, and 4 of the BEST movers I've ever seen in my life, I did. We all survived!! And if I never have to move again I'll be perfectly fine with that.....except that I would like to build that dream house of ours. But right now, the word "move" is a bad word to me so we won't mention moving or building for a little while around here. :)

I don't have too much to report today, but I did want to share a few pictures from the last few days. 

Friday, we went by the house to take some things and give the house one more look before moving in on Saturday.

Surveying the backyard to determine the perfect spot for the play set.

Everything worked out perfectly for the painters to come Friday morning and paint our bedroom and the twins' room. Our decor(and theirs) just really relies on the gray walls to complete the looks so it had to be done. I mean, it was a must, OK? ;-) They had both rooms done in less than 4 hours and did a GREAT job!! It was so nice to have someone else take care of it for us and knock it out.

We have a LOT of "stuff" so the movers had to make 2 trips. Luckily the houses are only about 5 minutes away from each other, so that wasn't a big deal. These guys were rock stars and were over at the new house in far less than TWO HOURS with the first truckload. The babysitter(see photo below) occupied Hudson for a while so I could direct them, clean up a little, and start unpacking some things.

Mr. Nosy over here loves the big windows in the front doors. 
Momma will be covering them with little curtains for some privacy, though.

The view from our backyard Saturday night. 

The first cup of coffee in a new house always makes it start to feel like home.

This little guy loves apples. Like, LOVES! Yesterday we bought some at the store and he saw them on the table. He wanted one and I told him I'd cut him up one in a minute when I made his lunch. I guess that wasn't sufficient.....I found this a few minutes later.

Caught this sunset last night on the way home from dinner and just wanted to share it. You can barely see the pink sun down on the right side, just above the trees.

I'll get back with the program this week as things slow down. We've gotten a lot unpacked and put away, especially in the kitchen, which is a top priority for me! Hudson's room is all set up and ours is too, for the most part.
My goal is to tackle one room a day.(not to mention the 1.7 million flies we've accumulated in our house from having the doors open during the move. Summer moves = no bueno!)
I'm taking advantage of no swelling feet/ankles yet so I'm working while I can! I'll share more when it's all done!

I hope you guys had a great weekend. Can't wait to read all about them!!


  1. Congrats on a successful move! I'm hoping I get to put your expertise to use in the near future!

  2. The new place looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see some more shots are y'all get settled in.


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