Sunday, June 09, 2013

The Target Love Affair Continues...

Y'all know by now that I love my Target. It's a deep love, really, similar to the love that the Target lady has for it.
And it can get me in trouble sometimes.
Oh how I miss the Target lady skit!!! The episodes with JT were always the best...

Overall, I think they have pretty good prices. And they also have FABulous things. But, when you buy 10 fabulous things at pretty good prices, that can add up, yaknowwhatI'msayin'?

So, when I go to Target (which is sometimes multiple times a week more than I should admit), I have to stay focused so I'm not basically paying their rent every month. My heart says "Oh girl, you only have 37 other cute coffee mugs, you have GOT to have this one!!", but my mind says "Lauren, you have at least 37 other coffee mugs like this, you do NOT need another one!" I'm pretty good about restraining myself most of the time.
However, since tomorrow's my first 29th birthday the last year of my 20s begins tomorrow, I treated myself to a few new shiny things. 

The first couple things aren't really gifts for me, but since I am the one obsessed with home decor around here, I guess they might as well be.
I've been wanting some new lamps for a while but just hadn't found what I wanted. We had some silver ones that were slightly more formal and the shades were the usual flared out shades. I wanted something more modern, with a pop of color and Target's got a great selection of mix & match shades and bases.
I love the pop of blue these bring to the room and they're more substantial than what we had. 

Our kitchen rug was nice, but somehow it had gotten bleached in a couple spots so it was looking sad. I found this little thing on clearance for about $13 and couldn't pass it up. I always love a splash of geometric print in a room.

Momma's been carrying the same mustard yellow purse for a while now and I also use it as a diaper/out & about bag for Hudson. A purse has to be big enough for my things, as well as some wipes/diapers for Hudson, snack, cup, and a few other small things. This one has a middle zippered pouch for all of Hudson's things, so it keeps them contained better. I love the mint color and the price was great too, in my opinion. I really love this for a beautiful Summer bag.

Another reason I love my Target....always the most beautiful sunsets from the parking lot. I took this last night. No filter or anything. My husband thinks I'm crazy for snapping a million pictures of every pretty sunset, but it's seriously my favorite thing. When we build our house, a must-have for the land we build on is a perfect, unobstructed sunset view. 

OK, those are my latest loves from Target. What have you found lately?


  1. I LOVE the target lady! One of my very favorites! I love love love that purse too! Good eye girl!


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