Monday, June 03, 2013

8 Things You Wish Someone Told You About Pregnancy

When you're going to a new city, it's always nice to get a little advice and maybe even some warnings about places to visit, and those places and things one should avoid. Is there a fantastic shopping mall you don't know about? Maybe there are certain spots you should avoid after dark? A restaurant that may sound good but in actuality is a complete bomb? Or perhaps you're better off walking instead of taking a ride in one of the death-mobiles (AKA: cabs). OK, I may be referring to my trip to NYC for these situations. I really do love you, NYC, I promise. But I'll be wiser next time I come see you. 

Well, pregnancy is no different. Everyone tells you the typical things about'll have to pee more frequently, you'll be tired, you may have slight aversions to smells and foods, etc. Wouldn't it be nice if we all just told it like it really is?? Mmhmm, I think so. 

Today, I'll let it all out. Tell it like it is, straight up. Are you ready??
I say none of this to scare you or put you off from having children, because believe me, it's all temporary (most of it, anyway) and the result from it is the most amazing thing you'll ever experience in your entire life. This being my second pregnancy (with twins this time around, nonetheless), I've learned a few things.
With that said..let's proceed.

8 Things You Wish Someone Told You About Pregnancy

1. You might as well start buying toilet paper at Costco. Seriously. You'll pee. A lot. Don't even get me started on the frequency of which I pee with twins. Hudson likes to call us out when we step over the baby gate into our bedroom and says "Pee-pee". He thinks every trip to the bedroom means we're going to the bathroom...which, for me, it usually does. Let's just say, I get called out quite often.

2. Best sleep of your life! Until you hit about 16 weeks...20 if you're lucky. The first several weeks of my pregnancies included the best sleep ever known to man. I'd literally wake up in the same position in which I fell asleep. It was glorious. Then, you start getting bigger, and you're uncomfortable sleeping on your back so you're confined to your sides. Don't forget the hot flashes (especially this time of year, Lord help me)...and the 2-3 potty breaks during the night. So, enjoy those first several weeks of awesome sleep.

3. Morning sickness is the worst term ever thought up. I was lucky enough with Hudson to not really get this nasty symptom. I would just feel a little queasy if I got too hungry, mostly in the mornings. I could eat a little something then I was good to go. This time around, I was SICK SICK SICK for the first trimester, and I still get sick on a rare occasion. Sure, mornings were the worst, but it does not just switch off at noon every day. If you're lucky, you won't have it bad, or you'll find ways to make it better. For me, nothing worked. Gingerale and saltines were my BFFs but even they couldn't "cure" it. It just has to run its course...and you'll just have to run to the porcelain throne.

4. Your once favorite foods will have you turning green. Coffee, bacon, fried chicken, peanut butter, just to name a few....all some of my favorite foods. Also foods that made me gag for weeks on end...not just their smells. I couldn't even lay my eyes on those things or I'd be scrambling (bleh, scrambled eggs!) for a place to hurl.

5. If you feel a sneeze coming on, you better brace yourself. But sometimes that's not enough. Sneezing while pregnant is a very dangerous thing, especially if you're in public. At home, when I feel a sneeze coming on, I get into a really flattering position and cross my legs as tight as I can. Otherwise....well, you probably know what'll happen. You're gonna pee your pants!! But, hey, as Billy Madison once said "You ain't cool unless you pee your pants!!" Well, it looks pretty awkward to do that in the middle of Target, so's happened. Pregnancy ain't the most glamorous stage of your life. Sorry. Oh, and this will continue after pregnancy too. Not as bad, but'll still have to brace yourself for that sneeze. Do your kegels, ladies!!

6. You will be a totally irrational person. Nothing throws all rationality out the window quite like the precious pregnancy hormones. I'm normally a pretty level-headed, rational person (no, but really!) but my husband will tell you, and very quickly, that for the last few months I have been completely irrational, impatient, and hot-tempered. Sorry babe, it'll get worse before it gets better. :)

7. Even the smallest activities will make you feel 90. I'm currently being reminded of this one. With packing the house up to move underway, I am constantly finding myself out of breath and feeling more like I'm about to turn 89 instead of 29. Insert a 2 year old into the equation and well, I'm really only good for about 10-20 minutes of work at a time at the moment.

8. People will say whatever comes to their mind. Some people think pregnant women are fair game and they can say or ask whatever they want....this can be anything...from your size, outfit, appearance, whether you plan to go natural or with a c-section, breastfeed or do formula. Then if you are generous enough to divulge the information they asked for, they'll react however they want, not giving a flip whether it was rude, out of line, or completely inappropriate. You've never really known "unsolicited advice" until you've gotten it from a perfect stranger in Publix about your pregnancy....well, until you're a parent and they want to tell you everything they know about being the world's most perfect parent. point....if you tend to get annoyed by people pre-pregnancy, just watch out during your pregnancy. You'll literally have to hold yourself back from clocking people from time to time.

There are other things I could share, but I won't overwhelm you with too many brutally honest facts on this Monday.

Hope y'all had a great weekend!!


  1. Cute!! I'm going to need you to be REAL honest with me whenever I decide to take the baby plunge!!

  2. Annnnnnnd I am never having kids. Like, ever. :)

  3. I love this! I feel like people don't tell you the things you actually want to know about being pregnant so I am glad you shared this. Love the Billy Madison reference.


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