Monday, November 17, 2014

Change Is Good.

First things first.....

I did it!
*Thanks, Instagram, for making me look jaundiced!
I can't believe I got up the nerve. I went back and forth about 47 times in my head but walked in the salon and immediately told my hairdresser(who's awesome BTW), "Let's do it. Let's cut it." I had to actually verbalize it so I wouldn't back out. While I do miss my hair a little bit, I am really happy I chopped it. I feel like it looks better for my face shape this way and it sure is easier to wash and dry!
I attempted to style it myself this morning and it's gonna take some practice to get down the right technique with the curling iron with this shorter length.

My SIL, Melissa, had been planning a visit for a while so we decided it'd be a great time to have Joseph's family over for a little pre-Thanksgiving get-together. It's Melissa and Jonathan's year to do Thanksgiving with his family in PA, so we probably won't get to see them again until Christmas. We watched Bama beat MSU (ROLL TIDE!!!), ate our weight in lots of tasty food, and enjoyed spending some quality time together.

Gimme a reason to make deviled eggs and I am IN!

We also got to snuggle with our nephew Rylan.
He'll be 3 months old in just a few days. Pure sweetness!

These guys are pretty sweet, too.

Joseph was so proud to be able to use the countdown timer on his iPhone to take a big group pic.
hashtag nerdalert

We're so thankful everyone was able to come up, for the delicious dishes and treats they brought to pitch in for dinner, and for the time together to catch up, laugh, and watch the little people play (or fuss).
Hudson was also really excited to have Aunt Lissa spend the night Saturday night, to have breakfast with her Sunday morning, and he thoroughly enjoyed having someone else to boss around in the playroom. :)

I hope your weekend was awesome!


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