Sunday, November 09, 2014

My Best Friend's Wedding

I know. How insanely cliche of me.
But, nonetheless, last weekend was, in fact, my best friend's wedding.
My friend, Rebekah, and I go way back. Like, way way back. Back to the "embarrassing stages" of life. Back to glasses and braces(at the same time!), acne and hair experiments gone wrong (hello way way too short bangs!), dance recitals, church trips, and the awkwardness that is middle and high school. Oh, the awkwardness! 
To my best calculation, we met in Kindergarten and became solid friends around 2nd grade or so. 
Ya know, homegirls. 
Those days are a little hazy, what with all the learning to read and write I had going on.
The whole being a mom to 3 busy chirrens(that's Southern talk for children) thing doesn't help my memory either.
I say all of this to describe just how much of a fixture Rebekah has been in my life....for about 25 out of my 30 years. She's that one friend who has remained constant, no matter the twists and turns life has brought along the way. She's the truest friend I could ever have, and to say I'm thankful for her would be a tremendous understatement. As hard as I may try, I could not adequately describe all she means to me. She's truly like the sister I never had. We say that all the time.....the sister I never had, my "other family" (I think in our adolescence, I spent more time at her house than I did mine), and of course I've always considered her big brother MY big brother as well. And even though life has taken us to different places and brought on some changes, she's been there. She's been there for the births of my children. She's come to visit us and help out with anything we needed. She's come to kids' birthdays parties. There couldn't be a more supportive friend out there.

I had the privilege of standing beside my best friend as she married the love of her life last weekend. I don't normally get emotional at weddings (my husband takes that role), but this one was special. 
It hit me right in the feels, in the best way possible.

 Heres' the details in pictures. (There may have been some old school pictures of us at the rehearsal but I seem to have lost the pictures I took of those. Darn.)

We started off Friday night with a Halloween-themed rehearsal/dinner. 
So fun!!
That bat goes way back too...back to our softball days in our teens. It's legit!

Here's the other half of my costume...
There's no crying in baseball!!

I felt bad about missing trick-or-treating with the kids, but I know they had lots of fun with Sue Sue & Russ-man (my parents).

There were also polaroid cameras(like, they seriously still make those!) that were so fun to take instant pics with. Hello throwback!!! I may or may not be adding this to my Christmas list!

The wedding was at Sweet Apple Farm in Pell City. Absolutely gorgeous venue! I'm all about being out in the quiet country so it was right up my alley.
Rebekah chose a vintage theme for the wedding. Fun, and everything came together beautifully!
I had a particularly handsome (and 50+ pounds lighter) date.

The grandparents traded off so my parents could make the wedding.

With the beautiful bride and handsome groom. Rebekah and John could not be more perfectly suited for each other. The love that radiates from them is so evident. They just love being together and have a blast in everything they do.

We had a great time listening to the Ben Miller Band play at the reception. They're pretty awesome! And between all the delicious food, cake, and the ice cream bar (that we may have visited more than once), we each gained at least a pound or two that night. ;-) 
It's a sacrifice I'll make for my dearest friend.

If there is anyone who deserves nothing but the best life has to offer, it is Rebekah. To see her truly happy and loved brings me so much joy. 
Right now, they're enjoying an amazing 12 day honeymoon in St. Lucia, so I'm a little jealous of them at the moment. Kidding. But seriously. 
I can't wait to get together with the new Mrs. Livingston when she gets back and hear all about it!


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