Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.

I totally stole that title from a Bubble Guppies episode. I've gotta get out more.
But anyway, that's a whole 'nother post....

I'm considering making a change to the hair. Hair seems to be a theme this week.
Why is it so hard to pull the trigger on chopping off your hair? It is just hair, after all. I see other women make the cut and I think it looks fabulous.
I've gotten too attached to mine and I guess since it took me so long to grow out after wearing it in a bob for all those years, I just get very apprehensive about cutting it.
A few months back, I had 3-4 inches cut off and I seriously grieved my hair way more than a normal person should.
I've had my hair long (or longish) for about 2 years, but started growing it out almost 3 years ago. It was quite the task. I used to get to that one point (maybe just under my shoulders) where it'd look awkward and I'd give up and chop it again. I finally gave it good go, got regular trims and shape ups to keep my hair from looking like a mushroom(have you seen what this Alabama humidity does to hair??), and did it!
Having long hair, personally, makes me feel feminine. That probably sounds weird. And with fear of sounding a little hair is one of my favorite features and I feel like it's prettier when it's long and flowy.

More recently....
I typically wave it a little with a curling iron. It looks better with a little movement to it, than it does stick-straight.
After we shut out TAMU!! RTR!

Here's where it's been in the past....

Too short! Not going there again!

You know how there are some people who just look astonishingly better with either long or short hair? And maybe they don't know it, so they're wearing this hair style that's all wrong for them and nobody will tell them? My fear is that's me with the long hair. I've asked my (amazing) hair stylist before, and she says that I look great with either long or short hair and if I didn't, she'd tell me. I believe her, but I also know she wants to keep my business. :-)

I really love this does pretty much everyone, since it's been pinned about 748,000 times.
I also like how it's layered, although I'd probably need more layers around my face.
I also love the color, but since I don't color my hair, I'll just admire it for now.

I also like the popular "lob". (I'm trying to see if I can break the record for the most times the word "also" is used in one post.)

I realize that none of these cuts are that much shorter than my current hair. But there's something about going to the shoulders or above that makes it feel SO. SHORT.
For some people, short hair is easier to maintain. For me, it's actually longer hair that I find easier to keep up. A lot of times, I'll shower and wash my hair at night, then all I have to do is run a flat iron or curling iron through it and it looks fresh. When my hair is shorter, it tends to look super flat when I do that, without as much volume. For that reason, I usually have to wash and style it in the mornings so it has enough body, which is just more time I have to spend getting ready.

So, the struggle continues. Real serious stuff here, I know.
We'll see if I pull the trigger on it or not.

Have you ever chopped your hair and immediately regretted it, or maybe you've wondered "why didn't I do this sooner?"


  1. I totally chopped all of my hair off back in July. I MISS MY HAIR! But I cut about a foot off, maybe more regardless, I'm growing it back out. I do love the LOB though. Hutu feel like I'm better with long hair.

    1. I dread the regret if I chop! Ah, the struggle. HA!!

  2. That first picture is what I took in last year for color!! I love the cut too! My hair is so thin, I am afraid of a style like that. Dont know if I could pull it off! Your hair looks good on you short and long. Not many people can pull off both. I am partial to long, but sometimes you just gotta cut and feel all liberated :)


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