Thursday, November 20, 2014

Inside The Mind of My Husband

I thought it'd be fun to play a little game with Joseph, so I threw out some random topics to him and told him to tell me the first thing that came to his mind.
That went....well, just read for yourself.

And of course, this is my blog and I can expand upon or explain some of these if I so choose. :)

Me(as in Lauren): "Yoga pants" (He claims this is supposed to be a compliment. Somehow it didn't read.)

You(as in Joseph): "Luckiest man in the world." (Making up for that yoga pants comment, there, are we?)

Marriage: "Partners in crime." (We've only committed like 3...4 crimes, tops!)

Blogging: "Waste of time" (Thanks?)
FL/GA Line: "Terrible"

Food: "How many calories are in it?" (Yes, he's serious. He counts every calorie he puts in his mouth. This is how he's lost 50+ pounds in the last 7 months.)

Drink: "Diet Mountain Dew"

Money: "There's never enough."

Football: "Roll Tide!"
TV Show: "Kardashians" (face palm)

Sex: "Is it Saturday?" (Somebody's got jokes!)

Facebook: "TMI"

iPhone: "My love" (I get yoga pants, the iPhone is his love. Super.)

Dance Moms: "Ugh...hate that show."
*This and other uber-flattering pictures sprinkled in at my discretion. Maybe next time you'll think harder about some of your answers. Toooootally love you, babe!*

Continuing on....
Working Out: "Never"

Shopping: "Are you sure that's all we need?" ('Cause we make like 37 trips to the store a week!)

Auburn: "Sucks"

JalapeƱos: "Yum"

Skinny jeans: "On men? disgusting." 

Yard work: "I'll pay for someone to do it." (And he does)
Kids: "I want more." (You're on your own with that one, bud.)

Favorite song: "My Song from Moulin Rouge" 

(moving along)

Onions: "Did you make it without them?"

Kanye West: "Poser"

Ice cream: "Ice Dream Cone from Chick-fil-a. Small. 170 calories." (like I said, every. single. calorie.)
Sweater Vest: "Auburn sucks."

Decorating: "Waste of time."

Vegas: "I should've listened to my wife." (When his wife said put it on red, not black!)

Capri pants: "Soccer mom."

MC Hammer: "Pass." (seriously? I left you wide open for something along the lines of "Can't touch this!")

Thanks for playing my game, babe.
I love you, but this will probably be the only time I ever ask you to play.


  1. LOL, love the calorie counting!

  2. Hahahaha at the sweater vests!!! I hate that sweater vest he wears every weekend now. It is a travesty!

    This post was hilarious!


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