Monday, October 11, 2010

12 Weeks

12 Weeks! Wow! How can I already be at 12 weeks?!!? For some reason it seems like such a milestone, and I guess in a way, it is. I'm only one week from the 2nd trimester! That is so crazy to me. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't sure if I would make it to this point. After I was put on Prometrium for my "on the lower side of the normal range" progesterone level, I was scared. I was so scared that it wasn't going to work or it wasn't what I needed, and it had me really wondering if I'd make it much farther. However, I am SO incredibly thankful to my doctor for prescribing the medicine, even if it wasn't necessary. I am so impressed with how proactive they were. Protocol is usually to wait it out and see what happens. Doctors don't typically order blood tests and ultrasounds unless it's for a high-risk patient. (someone who has a history of miscarriages, etc.) They got to the bottom of my problem by running blood work, performing an ultrasound (which showed I had a small bruise under the gestational sac that was more than likely causing the spotting), and getting me back on track. Even if the progesterone supplement wasn't completely necessary, I appreciate them being one step ahead of everything. If they thought my levels were lower than they should be, who knows what could have happened had I not started the medication. I've been on it now for over 7 weeks and will be on it until my doctor tells me to stop....which will probably be in the next couple of weeks. FYI: Progesterone is needed to maintain a pregnancy, and if your body doesn't naturally produce enough, the pregnancy can be lost. Around the beginning of the second trimester, the placenta takes over in producing progesterone. You learn all kinds of things when you're pregnant. HA! I will admit, taking two big pills each night gets old but I would do it for the entire 9 months if I had to. I'd take 15 if I needed to in order to keep this baby healthy.

Now, enough of that.....on to the survey!!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 12 Weeks!
Size of baby: Large Plum, about 2.5 in. long.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: About 3 or 4 pounds.
Maternity Clothes: I'm still wearing most of my normal pants, either with a Be Band, or a ponytail holder. Sometimes, I have to leave a top button undone on my dress pants (most of them have two buttons). I haven't bought anymore maternity clothes yet, but I think that will come in the next few least some pants...that's my main problem right now.
Gender: Hoping we get to find out the week of Thanksgiving! I still don't have a strong feeling either way yet. I think I'll put up a poll on here soon to get your thoughts. :-)
Movement: Not yet, but I can't wait!
Food Cravings/Aversions: Well, I had my first real craving last week. And what was it for?.......Turkey & Dressing!! That's right, good ol' Thanksgiving food. I've always loved Thanksgiving food ever since I was little....and I'd the eat the leftovers til they were gone! Well, Cracker Barrel has Turkey & Dressing night on Thursdays, so my sweet husband took me there for dinner. It was.....amazing. Simply. amazing. It wasn't quite as good as it is when it's made by my Nana and my mom, but it was sufficient enough to satisfy my craving. ;) I think I may need a repeat this week. HA! It's such a stereotype, but I also wanted pickles for the first time yesterday! I held myself to two, but I wanted more..they were delicious! And if you're wondering what kind....dill, of'll never see me eat bread & butter! Yak! I have noticed my appetite coming back the past week. Don't get me wrong, I still get nauseous and have those stupid close-calls, but they're getting a lot better. I was able to eat Chinese on Friday and Pizza last night. Didn't care for the ribs my husband cooked Saturday...I've had an aversion to BBQ for a while now. I also cooked Stouffer's Chicken Lasagna one night and couldn't touch it. It was revolting! Normally I love that stuff, but Not. This. Time. Instead I had a salad and some spaghettios. Weird dinner, I know. I am glad that I'm slowly getting my appetite back though....well, for a few things anyway. :)
What I miss: Being a little more patient than I currently am!
Sleep: Sleep is still pretty good for now. I'm back to having trouble getting back to sleep if I get up or wake up, but I'll take what I can get right now, 'cause I don't think it will get any better in the coming months.
Symptoms: Fatigue, a little nausea (it's slowly getting better), irritability, sore girls, frequent trips to the bathroom, still a few food aversions, and still a little bloat.
Best Moment this week: Nothing really special, but that Turkey & Dressing made my week!! My husband has been incredibly sweet and patient with me...even when I'm completely unreasonable at times.
What I am looking forward to: Starting the 2nd trimester in a week! I also can't wait to go back to the doctor in a couple weeks with Joseph so he can hear the heartbeat, and I'm anxious to hear it and see what the bpm is this time! Hopefully we can find out the sex in 6 weeks! I'm going to beg if I have to. ;-)

I'm real disappointed in the way Bama played this weekend. It's not that I mind losing.....I mind that our guys played like a junior high team playing their first game ever. The defense looked horrible and don't get me started on Greg McElroy. I don't know what was wrong the team this week, but they looked pathetic. I really think they are worn out and need a break....but they've got two more games before that break will come. I hope they can pull it together for those two games. I don't mind losing if we play our best, but that was FAR from our best!! I still love 'em, and I hope they get the fire back!

For those of you who are off today, enjoy the last day of your long weekend. For those of us who are NOT, I hope you have a great week that flies by!! :-)


  1. We paid $100 to find out at 15 weeks! I know that is ridiculous, but I had to know. If it's a boy, my dr. said it was clear as early as 14 weeks.

  2. I would totally pay $100 to find out early, especially that early!! I may have to talk with my doctor at my next appointment in 2 weeks. :-) Thanks for the info!


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