Monday, October 18, 2010

13 Weeks - 2nd Trimester!

*Please excuse the dirty mirror AND the dog bed in the background! I need to find another place to take my pictures. ;) I'm also not sure why I'm standing so weird.*

Well, I am 13 weeks pregnant today...the start of the 2nd trimester!! What?!?!? How did it get here so fast? Then again, I want to ask, why did it take so long to get here? Pregnancy is weird. It flies and creeps by at the same time.

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 13 Weeks!
Size of baby: Peach and/or Lemon. About 3 in. long, weighs about 1.5 oz.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I've been really bad about weighing myself...probably subconsciously avoiding the scale, I don't know. But I don't think I've gained anymore. So still at about 3-4 pounds. I'll know next Tuesday at my appointment though! :0
Maternity Clothes: Well I bought a pair of maternity dress pants from Target on Friday. (I'm wearing them in the picture) They're a little big on me now, but SO comfortable. If I wear my regular pants I have to wear my Be Band or use a ponytail holder. I think I'll probably need to make the official switch to maternity pants in a few weeks...or less! Tops are still fine though, as are dresses!
Gender: Hoping we get to find out the week of Thanksgiving or the week before! I'll schedule that next Tuesday at my appointment I suppose! I have put up a poll, so feel free to vote! :-)
Movement: Not yet, but I can't wait!
Food Cravings/Aversions: I have officially been hit by the pickle craving!!! I love pickles, but never really want a pickle. I'm never like, "Oh my goodness, I have to have a pickle right now!" Well, last started. I ran to the fridge and downed 2 pickles in like 30 seconds! I restrained myself because I could've eaten the entire jar, but I'm trying to be good here people! Well I ran out of pickles so I had to get some more. Luckily, Publix had Vlasic pickles on BOGO, PLUS I had a coupon so that made the pickle score even better! I had 2 of them when I got them home that night! :) They are very tasty and new fave! That's really the only craving I've had over the last week. I did get some California rolls (totally cooked sushi, FYI..and the only kind I eat, period!) from Publix too and they were delicious. I hadn't had any in months and I was afraid my body would decide it didn't want them once I got them home, but I ate just about the entire little package of them Friday night! YUM! My aversions have gotten better. Not as many things make me gag or want to hurl. My dogs' food has been bothering me for weeks and still does. It is SO strong and I just about can't handle being around it. I can smell it from like 40 feet away! YUCK! I still don't want any rich or heavy dishes...just thinking about that Stouffer's Chicken Lasagna again...barf! Overall, it's better than it was...and hopefully it will keep getting better and I can eat things I used to enjoy again.
What I miss: Last week I said patience....this week...I'm pretty sure it's patience! HA! I am very easy to irritate right now. I hate it, but I can't help it. I'm trying really hard to control it, but sometimes I'm not so nice. My husband is a saint for putting up with me! He's amazing!!
Sleep: Sleep is the same. Most nights are good, especially if I'm really tired.
Symptoms: The fatigue and nausea are getting better, some things still set me off as far as nausea goes. Then there's the lovely irritability and moodiness, frequent trips to the bathroom (which are slowing down a bit), and still a few food aversions...and the pickle craving! ;)
Best Moment this week: I'm starting to feel a lot better all across the board, so that has been the highlight of this past week. The nausea and fatigue have gotten better and it's nice to feel at least a little normal....for now anyway. :)

Y'all have a fantastic week and don't forget to cast your vote in the gender poll!!


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