Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nursery Ideas

So, of course we don't know what we're having yet, but if you know me, you know I'm a big planner. I'm a self-proclaimed control freak at times. I've been online looking at baby stuff over the last few weeks to see what's out there. I have a few furniture collections bookmarked and hope to get out and look at some in person in the next few weeks so we can make a decision and get it ordered. I'm leaning toward espresso wood, but wouldn't be opposed to white for a girl. However, I'm a pretty practical person (plus we are by no means rolling in dough and don't want to shell out a grand every few years for new furniture), so whatever crib we get MUST be convertible so it grows with the child. And I also want something pretty that I will want in my house for a long time. I don't want to get something I just kind of like and could get tired of in a few years. I don't like anything fru fru or fancy. I like more simple furniture, so I can pump it up with all the bedding and accessories in the room. That's the way I am in my everyday life too. I mostly tend to dress in more simple pieces, and make an outfit pop with some funky jewelry, shoes, or purse.

OK, on to the point of this post. I told you, I tend to ramble! I thought I'd post a "sneak-peek" of a few of my ideas for the nursery bedding/accessories. These are just very small pictures to give you a little hint of what I'm thinking.

Here are a couple of ideas for a girl's room; AGAIN, just a couple swatches for a glimpse:

You'll notice they both have pink in them....I mean, you gotta have a little pink. I didn't think I wanted a lot of pink, but these sets are really pretty. One of them is more classic and elegant, which I love. And the other is a little more fun and wild. I want something cute and fun, but also tasteful. I'm not into characters, animals, etc. Some people do, and that's great. But I'm not one of them. I think I know which one I like better...but I'll keep that to myself for now. :-)

Here are a couple of ideas for a boy's room:
I know I want blue and brown for a boy, but I also like the lime green/aqua/brown combo in the picture on the right. Again, one of these is a little more elegant and simple, while the other one is more fun.

Feel free to leave comments about what you think...just please don't say something like, "Oh my goodness, that one right there is so tacky! Please don't get that one." If you're my friend on Facebook and saw my comment about people saying things like that to me about name ideas I'll know what I mean by that! HA! :) And just for the record, the names I'm thinking about are NOT weird by any means...people(mostly people I just met or barely know) just think it's okay to say things like that to me. Seriously? How 'bout you have your own baby and name it what you want, and get outta my bidness?! Sounds good to me. You just don't say things like that to people...if you're a family member and you're not a fan of it, then it's okay to politely say something like, "Well, maybe you should pick some more names just in case you change your mind." Have some couth, people!! *Steps down from soapbox*

And since I have these nursery ideas posted, I think I shall post a poll on my blog so you guys can start voting on the gender. :-) I'm going to beg to find out either the week before Thanksgiving, or the week of. Hopefully my begging will work. I can always use my pregnancy hormones and emotions to bring on a few tears if I need to do some real persuading. ;)

Tomorrow is Friday....whoop whoop!! Ready for the weekend!! Y'all have a great day and a wonderful weekend. ROLL TIDE!! (I hope this week is better than last week) :-)


  1. Hey girl!! I don't think I mentioned before but I LOVE your blog!! I look at it everytime you post something new and today's post cracked me up! Oh and if you need someone to go look at baby furniture with, I would be happy to go with you!
    Love ya,

  2. I love them both! I did the same thing with the "pink, but not too much pink." Sophie's set has pink, brown, tan, and olive green in it. I used Espresso furniture and LOVE IT! I think you'd be really happy with how elegant it looks for either boy or girl! Girlie talk aside... I'm voting boy :)

  3. Thanks Rebekah!! I'm not sure when we'll go look, but I'd love for you to come if you can!! Love ya girl!! Tamara, most people seem to think boy. Hmmm....I'm torn, I really have no feeling either way. I'll take a happy, healthy baby!! I love pink mixed with browns and greens and I LOVE espresso classy!! :-)

  4. I agree with Rebekah...I love coming to your blog! It is so humorous and the music brings back so many memories. Personally, I can't believe you are old enough to be fans of some of your "blog tunes".

    With your silliness, I think you should go for fun in the nursery design. Take care of yourself and enjoy every minute of your pregnancy!

    I always look forward to the baby bump pictures on Facebook!

  5. Girl! Girl Giiiiiiiiirl! That's Aunt Lissa's vote.

    Love the nursery ideas=) Whatever you do will be pretty. I like the comment above about pairing them with the dark espresso furniture. That might be pretty=)

  6. Thank you Joni, you're so sweet. I grew up on that music....listened to it in the car with my parents, at the beach, etc. I had no choice but to end up loving it. ;-) My mom said I'd sit in my little seat in front of the TV when I was a baby and watch MTV. I LOVED watching MTV apparently! HA! I could listen to classic rock and 80s all day...and pretty much do. I need to add some more! :)

    Melissa, if it's a girl, we're in trouble! :-) There will be no money for anything else because there's WAY too much cute stuff out there!! But it would totally be worth it. ;) Can't wait to find out what it is so the fun can begin!!!!


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